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[General] Teryakywind's "Tulpas for Dummies" General Creation Guide
Will do then.

Paracosms bit is out.
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In that case, I approve of this.
This guide has reached the number of votes to be approved, somewhat partially due to a reduction in the number of GAT members as of Dec 2.
i've been working my way through countless posts to get started creating and it seems that, with work put into it, a tulpa is created by the conscious effort of creation itself. any thoughts on this? is it a decent way to go about creating ?

i want my tulpa to be independent (as far as that word allows in this scenario). so, i really just imagined a male figure, and began narration. i don't want to superimpose anything, so have merely expressed the value i hold in things like honesty, compassion, (my) sense of humor, and an appreciation for life's aesthetics. this is only day one. i felt some pressure in the right-rear side of my head when i told him his birthday.
i've semi-decided on the name Aspen. idk if he's fond of it yet . haha
Not exactly the right board or thread for that, I'd suggest General Discussion or the like.
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Just a heads up, you might wanna switch the link to the 'viewing' version instead of 'editing' or 'suggesting' on Google Docs. I got a bit of a shock when I opened the link and got a faceful of crossed-out bits all over the place :P. But otherwise, looks like a pretty handy guide!
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Defacement fixed. I created a copy of the guide in my Docs account, set it so nobody else can edit or comment, and changed the link in this thread.

Teriyakiwind: If you come back, please either contact me for access to the non-defaced one, or remove defacements and disable comments in your copy and then change the link back.
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