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Poll: How severe did your headpressure get at the beginning of forcing.
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No head pressure.
12 20.69%
Slight/ barely noticeable headpressure
10 17.24%
moderate head-pressure (by which I mean it's not uncomfortable, but rather just noticeably there).
25 43.10%
Somewhat severe headpressure.
7 12.07%
4 6.90%
Total 58 vote(s) 100%
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Head-pressure and creation times:
Wrath Offline

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Default  Head-pressure and creation times:

Edit: I apologize in advance if this has been posted before.

I just started forcing yesterday, I made a basic wonderland and sat facing my would-be tulpa, I started talking to him directly about my day ect and after 2-3 minuets I started getting headaches or headpressure. 15 minuets in it got really severe, so much so that it affected my concentration. I did manage to get a full hour in before taking a break to watch TV, my head pressure petered out after the first half hour down to a moderate head-pressure where it no longer felt like my head was imploding). (I'll also mention I have a form fully completed before personality even began)

Anyway I was wondering how head pressure severity while forcing links to creation time and vocalization.

I ask that you answer the following:
1) How extreme your headaches or headpressure got when you first started forcing, and then how bad they were later on a few days/weeks in. Or just tell me how strong it was on average throughout the process.

2) How long did you force per day on average (so I can calculate the hours).

3) How long did your tulpa take to start responding autonomously (by which I mean emotions and movement), secondly when did they (if they have yet) get fully vocal.

4) Lastly if you want tell us the method you used while forcing, or any other additional details. (for example, did you play any games with you tulpa, did you sit facing it while forcing, did you latch on to a presence in your mind and start sending information at it, and so on)
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02-14-2013, 02:59 PM
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waffles Offline
no capital

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RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1) No headaches or head pressures.
2) Maybe 20 minutes of straight-up forcing.
3) Signs of sentience? 4 weeks, maybe. About 6 weeks for vocal.
4) Narrate all the time, every day.

If headaches are evidence of mental exertion, then more and more severe headaches presumably means more concentrated effort. Presumably there would be a negative correlation between that and creation time.
02-14-2013, 03:38 PM
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Skier Offline
Crazy fool

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RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1. Fairly bad when i first started, but they decreased after a couple days
2. About an hour a day when i first started
3. About 2-3 days(ish)? Id say about a week
4. basic active forcing before bed and narrating throughout the day
02-14-2013, 05:17 PM
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Sands Offline
And Roswell

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Default  RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1) I always had some sort of feeling of pressure in my head when I forced. It wasn't always exactly painful, but very early on there was a session where it got so strong I felt sick and had to stop or otherwise I would've puked all over the place. Pressure was always pretty strong though, but not enough to make me feel in pain later on. Even now his voice is very throbbing and heavy in my head, so it can be felt easily, but it's not very painful.

2) 1 and half hours of more or less active forcing every day in 30 minute chunks, sometimes more if we played around with imposition or something, but sometimes there might've been less which would be made up for the next day. Or was made up for the day before or something.

3) Very early on if I look back, but I didn't understand it back then. Head pressure and such, should've been simple to notice and believe but eh, I'm stupid. Head pressure was actually used as a form of communication later on even though I tried it pretty early on and got results, but still didn't buy it back then. Definite signs started to come after creating a form as he moved, maybe around 2 or 3 week mark? Vocal around 1.5 - 2 months in, but pretty slow in every meaning of the word. He was very active despite practically being mute, though. Also we did possession before he was even vocal and that feeling was something out of this world. If I didn't buy anything before that, then that would have been the moment to realize that there is something else going on.

4) I just sat down and did things, but didn't limit our time to just forcing. Always talked and played around with imposition, even if I didn't try to see him. Just tried to kinda feel him there, you know. Always did try to feel his presence if nothing else, so I talked to that and it didn't feel exactly like talking to myself. But no symbolism. No symbolism in the creation process anyways, form was created later on, didn't visualize anything at the start. Did try some hypnosis, no idea if it worked or not. Somehow managed to do self hypnosis once during forcing but I had no idea and didn't use it in any way, I think.
02-14-2013, 05:17 PM
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Weird0 Offline

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Default  RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1- I had massive headpressure at the first two weeks even though i've never had any headpressure before in my life. It was so unbearable that i almost skipped work since i could not focus on anything anymore. The week after i still got mild headpressure and its gone ever since.

2- About 1h per day if i remember right.

3- The first responses were about 1 week in. She started to get vocal at 4 weeks in but i don't know when she hit the "fully vocal mark" due to massive parroting fears :S

4- Hardcore narration and passive forcing. A whole fekking lot.

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02-15-2013, 12:07 PM
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Default  RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1. Mild at the start, mild to extremely extreme until I finally started understanding her.

2. Hour-plus sessions not every day, so maybe about 20-30min at the beginning.

3. Couple of days, more or less.

4. I imposed/visualized her with me basically continuously, and indeed still do. Passively forced all the time, too.
02-15-2013, 12:49 PM
NeonKnights Offline

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Default  RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1. I honestly didn't notice any pressure at all when I first started. I did get a bit of an ache in the right half of my brain, which migrated somehow to the left side during one of my early forcing sessions, but it was just that one time. It was minor, just there enough to be noticeable. The only time I got the sensation of cranial pressure was when I was trying a bit too hard to "hear" my tulpa's voice, and it felt like somebody with huge hands had my head gripped between thumb and forefinger. Very prevalent pressure on either side, a little above and ahead of my ears. For the most part, I seem to have avoided tulpa aches pretty well.

2. I tried to put in two hours daily, but a lot of days I've only managed to get about an hour of actual forcing in.

3. She flooded me with an incredible surge of a very loving emotion (I'm talking a tidal wave here) on, I believe, the third day. She began walking around in the wonderland on the fourth day in. She still is not fully vocal, though I've heard bits and pieces from her when I've least expected it.

4. Since I have the luxury of living by myself, I generally force by lying around and talking to her presence as I would one of my friends. Telling her stories of debauchery, laughing most of the time, venting about people, discussing plans for the day, etc. I would face her presence while speaking just as much as I'd face somebody while speaking to them in casual conversation, and when fetching one of my high school yearbooks to flip through it with her, I would almost unconsciously try to make sure her 'presence' would be able to see what I was pointing at on the pages. According to TOG, just giving her my undivided attention like this counts as forcing, thus I consider it so.
As for games... As an early test of her sentience, I played too many games of tic-tac-toe with her in our wonderland. Most times it was a draw, since tic-tac-toe is a losing man's game, but she actually beat me a couple of times.

"You've got to believe to achieve." -Hank Hill
02-15-2013, 06:00 PM
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Leijona Offline

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Default  RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1) Never got any headaches.
2) No idea...
3) Two weeks (to both sentience and being vocal)
4) I only did narration and parroting/puppeting, and tried to keep this up over the course of the whole day.
02-15-2013, 07:54 PM
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Ginyu Offline
and Iris

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RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1) I had mild head pressure when I first started forcing. It would get more noticeable depending on how long I forced per day. After a few weeks, the pressure started to soften up until it stopped altogether.

2) I'd aim for an hour a day when I first started forcing. Sadly, it was very hard to do in one full sitting, so I'd break it into chunks. Some days I'd only do thirty minutes due to time constraints

3) I'm not really sure... If I had to guess, it would be sometime between the first and second month that I started. She's not vocal yet that I know of. (Who knows, maybe I'm not acknowledging it and she is vocal.)

4) Tons and tons of narration. Before I'd sleep we'd do some things in our wonderland such as random adventures or activities for something fun and awesome to do. When possible, I'll talk out loud to her just because it feels way more natural than thinking/telespeak all the time.

02-17-2013, 03:27 AM
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RE: Head-pressure and creation times:

1) I had a decent amount of pressure for the first week or so of forcing. It's gone for the most part, but I still get little headaches from time to time.

2) About 40 min a day, every other day. Passive forcing when not active forcing.

3) About 2~3 days for movement, but 6 weeks before I could hear her mindvoice.

4) Mostly just hung out in our wonderland, not really working on one specific thing, with a few exceptions. Rest of the time I tried to image her walking behind me and narrating.
02-17-2013, 06:39 AM

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