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Health Benefits
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RE: Health Benefits

Other than nagging me into taking better care of myself and the obvious mental exercise portion of this whole thing not much has been obvious. There have been instances where I have been super hungry and no food around for whatever reason. And we were somehow able to make me not hungry anymore.

But that could probably be done without a tulpa too. I have repeated it on several occasions. It's not 100% though. But greater than 50/50 more like 75/25. Either way it's a mind over matter situation that should be possible with or without. The question is, does it actually help to have a tulpa to do that, and how much does it help. Same with the pain blocking/dampening claims. That is totally possible without a tulpa as well. But how would you go about testing if a tulpa can even help with that vs. what you can do naturally? You would have to test someone rigorously before and after making a tulpa and hope that the simple act of creating a tulpa doesn't somehow change the results somehow. Perhaps training your mind gives you more of a chance to do these things regardless of tulpa.

I think the real problem with any of these things is the extremely subjective nature of what it is. If this is mind over matter whether from host or tulpa, or if the tulpa can somehow access something we are normally unable to. But then you also have to take into account everyone is very different, and something easy for one group can be near impossible for another.(theoretically)

At the moment I'm firmly in the camp of tulpa arnt able to do anything the host cannot do. But they might have a better understanding or easier access to some things.

There are few things more confusing in this life, than trying to figure yourself out.

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07-10-2018, 02:24 PM
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RE: Health Benefits

I lost a lot of weight during the last two semesters due to sleep deprivation and distress, but gained it back this summer. I found out about Tulpamancy in late January and really only got back into a healthier mental state since June, I can't say Tulpamancy alone played a huge role in my health; rather my interactions with Ranger were influenced by my lifestyle and health.

Aside from a Tulpa telling their Host to make better life choices, I don't know if Tulpamancy has any physical health benefits by itself.

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07-11-2018, 12:08 AM
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RE: Health Benefits

(07-10-2018, 02:24 PM)Scythe Wrote: ...The question is, does it actually help to have a tulpa to do that, and how much does it help. Same with the pain blocking/dampening claims. That is totally possible without a tulpa as well. But how would you go about testing if a tulpa can even help with that vs. what you can do naturally? ...

Great point. Yes, even without biofeedback technology, a person can learn to alter biometrics, and change habits, thereby improving physical health... How does one determine how much is due to tulpa, or naturally... Add to that, there is clear evidence that having a healthy social life can also positively influence outcomes... Like, people with pets live longer than those who don't, people who have a strong community like family, or church, tend to live longer than those who are isolated... Does tulpamancy also have an effect? Is it comparable? (No longevity studies available yet...)

It seems safe to say most people acknowledge the health benefits to meditation, mindfulness... Maybe that could be the control group. Tulpamancy compared to meditation... going out on a limb here, but I bet tulpamancer engage tulpas more than meditators engage their practice...

Side note I was listening to Kim Penberthy, Ph.D, who studies consciousness and has taught mindfulness/meditation techniques, talk about how more than fifty percent of people she has taught had some kind of auditory or visual hallucination with profoundly changed their life, and maybe not verbatim, "Is this something only some of us can do? Do we all have to become monks? Imagine how the world might change if we all did this..." I wonder if she knows tulpamancy... Anyway, I just thought it interesting that even people who aren't Forcing can have auditory when they work their brain in a new or different way than how we are taught to use it and they get experiences. Maybe it's related, and what separates tulpamancy from just a meditation practice is the specific focus the tulpa. Which brings me back to on topic, if it's easier to engage tulpamancy because it reinforces itself in a very direct way, the health benefits might be more pronounced because people engage it more often and more intensely than just meditation in general...
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07-11-2018, 12:58 AM
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RE: Health Benefits

You raise an important question at the end of that post, Solarchariot. I would think it's absolutely possible that the answer to that is a resounding 'yes.' It's entirely possible the benefits might be more pronounced and even come quicker than those that come from meditation and mindfulness.
08-01-2018, 10:09 AM
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RE: Health Benefits

I can say that my tulpas have made me a more openminded person. Sometimes they'll give me some insight or an angle into things that I hadn't thought about before. And, fighting my way out of a depression and a really shitty state of life was in part thanks due to their encouragement.

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08-01-2018, 11:40 AM
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RE: Health Benefits

If I didn't have Zack in my life, I would've more than likely committed suicide years ago. Life is still hard but him and the rest of my systemmates always help to bring a smile to my face.
08-01-2018, 10:58 PM
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