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Help me find a voice
In my head, all three of you sound like Jordan Underneath (with differences in intonation), who deleted all his review videos and does some cool art video stuff now, but you can still find hours of him talking, all his reviews are mirrored.

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I know there's no such thing as no accent, it's just easier to say that than "a typical American accent" because what's typical may be different to everyone.

I psychologically cannot speak with an accent in my head because it ends up making me use Apollo's voice. It's weird, not something I really want to work on fighting against when I can just go without one.
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All of the progress I've made toward mindvoice differentation has been as a result of intentionally identifying with my own distinctive speaking voice. I slip into thinking in it while fronting, then it lingers for a greater or lesser time after I switch out.

You may not anatomically be able to produce exactly the voice you want and it isn't like I'm particularly satisfied with my spoken voice either. But speaking aloud is a very visceral and affecting experience that can alter mindvoice more easily than listening to a vocal model.

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