Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

How'd you find
/mlp/. I saw these large blocks of text that weren't about ponies, yet had a pony for the image. After a couple, I was interested. It grew from there.

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Watched the threads on /mlp/, but did't come here until a search for "Tulpa" on tumblr led me to a post mentioning these forums.
Found the threads from coming across a "What if ponies were real" thread I was bored enough to look at. Follwoed the threads for months and went to the forums when they opened.
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I first learned about Tulpas from Avalanche's thread on DreamViews roughly a month ago. I've been tulpaforcing ever since.

As for the website, I stumbled onto it from the IRC.
Saw a thread on /mlp/, ignored it at first until I saw there was a thread about it there every day so I took a closer look.
At first I thought someone ought to get "Troll of the Year" award but after researching it further (which among other things lead me here) I concluded that either it's legit or this is a whole new level of trolling.
/x/, a few days before the threads migrated to /mlp/
Hadn't been on /mlp/ for a while, so I browsed and eventually began reading a lucid dream thread on /mlp/, perhaps the same as Pleeb. Someone then mentioned a "tulpa thread." Went there and it immediately caught my interest.

As for, Dane mentioned the site in one of the first posts of the later tulpa threads. Went and registered just in case, and here we are.
Saw threads on /x/. Then I saw some dude talking about the IRC chat on /x/ too. And then you kept spamming about this site on IRC. Ohohoho.
/mlp/, then to here when those threads took their inevitable turn towards the worst.
I saw this forum on /mlp/ when it was posted in Tulpa threads. Was skeptical at first because it didn't look promising back then (I hope I remember this right).

After the /mlp/ threads started to die when even more trolls flooded in, I took the step and registered here.
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