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I'm being observed by the government
solarchariot, I liked your perspective Smile

On an unrelated note, I wanted to some quick corrections to some old information I presented here. There are no demonic entities, except those of which you define reality to have based on a relationship with yourself.

Your worst fears about reality will be embraced and healed as time goes on as your view of reality aligns with truth. There are no scary messages from beyond the veil, only disarming truths that expose your fear. Once you let go of the fear, you will have a zen relationship with disarming truths. If I were to make the claim “creation is on a trajectory of evolution that lasts unto infinity,” then you would have to put your hands in the air and say “ha-ha. You got me.” It’s not true really. There’d just be no means to take up arms.

In the past, I said some arm-yourself-truths like “don’t be seduced by demons.” This is just as much a control programs as saying “make sure you get seduced by demons.”

I guess I wanted to protect you from fear. My best kept advice now is to give it permission to be when it is forthcoming. If you were the Buddha, would you be still and allow the fear to come to you, or would to go for a swan-dive to find fears with the intention of fighting them, fixing them, or confronting them? Just be still and allow, for when your armor is penetrated and you are naked, the cool air can finally heal your inner wounds. Soon, you will find that you can’t fear the same things anymore.
If I ever saw a therapist, he’d leave the room saying: “That guy’s creepier than three Draculas, two Count Choculas, and an Alucard.”

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You need to see a therapist about your mental condition, Zpothu, and you need to do it as soon as possible.

This whole thread is disappointing. Either this guy is joking/trolling, or they are serious. Either way, this whole thing is unacceptable and all we are doing by going "whoaaa" is to feed behaviors that should not be promoted or fed.

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