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"If My Tulpa Were" game
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RE: "If My Tulpa Were" game

...could be Ironman, I could be Gwenpool, we'd be unstoppable!
[Dashie] I want to be Storm!
[Ashley] As long as I can be Starfire.
[Bear] I'd rather be Beast Boy.

If my tulpa wanted...

My sisters will also use this account. ~profile picture~
Ashley is the voice of reason (she knows things) ~picture~
Dashie is our lead tulpa (for now) ~picture~
My system progress report
10-14-2018, 03:25 PM
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Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

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RE: "If My Tulpa Were" game

If my tulpa wanted an idea what to type, all she has to do is ask... But she thinks that's cheating. And boring.

Back to the old school title..

If my tulpa were...
10-14-2018, 06:34 PM
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In The Shell

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RE: "If My Tulpa Were" game

...sick, I'd stay by their bedside and comfort them all night.

If my host was...

Angry Bear: host, 6'4", green eyes, brown hair
Ashley: tulpa, 5'6", 27, amber eyes, brown hair
Dashie: tulpa, 5'4", 21, dark violet eyes, blue hair
Misha: tulpa, 5'0", 20, blue eyes, magenta/pink hair
Our Journey
10-14-2018, 07:46 PM
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