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[Imposition] Guide to imposition/controlled hallucinations (touch)
I made this time a while ago while trying to make a guide for people on touch imposition from what I have done in the past when I was learning to do it few years ago (before the tulpa community). I'm not sure how good it is, but I thought it would be worth posting anyway.

Note: It often helps to believe that what you are imagining is really there. Closing your eyes and thus not knowing if it is there or not can help as well.

1. Basic principle of this method
2a-4b. How to start doing controlled hallucination of touch
5. How to continue getting better at this

1) The basic principle behind this method is recreating the perception created by one of the senses, in this case caused by touch, of something you have experienced already.

2a) An easy way to start is by recreating a small focused (on a small area) feeling that you can control to some degree (caused by you or someone who wants to help you). For example you could start by doing a circle by going with one of your fingers over your palm of your other hand and then stop and recreate the feeling. When you can do that well enough, then try making a spiral or another more complicated object.

2b) After you get that down well enough, stop recreating a stimulus and instead start feeling (without actually using your finger to do it or feeling it beforehand) new shapes, that you haven't tried yet, or just seemingly random movements. You can try making anything you want, but it should be something that you haven't caused yourself to feel yet.

3a) Now, recreate more than one small focused feeling at once. For example you could use more than one finger at a time. Start with two fingers and trying to reproduce the feeling, and move up to using all of your fingers.

3b) Let's stop recreating feelings again and instead start creating multiple small focused feelings created by something that you have used in 4a), but in a way that you haven't felt before.

4a) When you are able to do those well enough, then you should move onto recreating a feeling that focuses on a bigger area. For example you could put one of your hands over the other hand in any position you would like and try to feel it as much as you can and try to remember that feeling as well as you can. After that stop feeling that feeling and try to recreate it. In the case of using your limbs, I would recommend placing them apart from each other and in a way that they aren't touching any part of your body and then try to recreate the feeling that you got first on only one hand and then on both hands.

4b) Now, stop recreating those feelings and start creating it in a way you haven't felt before.

5) Continue this general set of steps (in Xa and Xb) and do them with more and more complicated feelings. You can of course try creating feelings that you have never felt before and aren't possible to feel in physical world like having wings, being out of slime, having animal ears, tail, paws, etc.

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Hallucination. Two ls.
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I can safely say that this will help me to a massive degree. Thanks for the tips, Purlox. They will definitely come in handy.
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Yeah, this is a cool guide. I'm not ready to start on this yet, but I bookmarked it for a few months down the line.
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Great method. Working on it, will post results once they appear.
I’m not sure Purlox is still on hiatus based on what I looked at with Moderator reports with his leave due to stress and such.

Other than the spelling mistake with “hallucination,” this is a nice and concise guide. Approval in standby until the other “l” can be added there for the title. Though I’m pretty sure staff can change that accordingly.
Approved for Guides.

This is a decent method for learning touch imposition. It can also be easily be modified to work with other senses.

I usually consider this class of imposition methods as "memory imposition", that is, imposition based on vivid memory/sensory recall. It also bears some resemblance to Fuliam's "reverse imposition" process.
Approved for guides as well seeing how the edit was made since 1-02-2014. Concise, and can be used as a base to have other guide submissions as a supplement with it.
For something as short as this, the index and such made in this format is pretty silly. Just for your information. Also thanks for finally correcting the title. While this one is more touch-based (obviously) and has some overlap with Q2's quite touch-based imposition guide, I think these two guides can be used to compliment each other. So, approved.

I'd suggest people to actually do this with their tulpas. It's not said in the guide and I don't think it's implied either, but I think that would be better than doing it all on your own. More fun and you'd actually work and practice stuff with the tupper. Spend time together and such.
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)
Approved for guides, extra commentary unecessary due to its brevity.

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