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[Imposition] Has anyone here really managed to hallucinate your tulpa in reality?
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RE: Is there another way to hallucinate my tulpa permanently?

(12-12-2018, 02:57 AM)Carlos Wrote: My despair, sadness and anguish is too deep. I have tried every possible way to hallucinate my tulpa. Sleep deprivation, fasting, meditation, hypnosis, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, imposition, extreme physical exercise, retinal control, hypnagogic, marijuana, alcohol, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, deprivation of movement, emotional dullness, prolonged concentration (17 - 27 hours), prolonged sleep, binaural sounds, the ganzfeld effect, hyperventilation, oxygen deprivation, hypnopompic, etc. I could only hallucinate my tulpa for short periods of time. I want to hallucinate my tulpa permanently

Sheesh.. you want to see your tulpa as much as Lumi wants to see us, but it sounds like you're not quite as interested in doing it healthily, huh? You said you tried lucid dreaming, why did you give up? Lucid dreaming isn't hallucinating at all, but it will ALWAYS be better in every way (except accessibility) than any kind of hallucination or imposition because it can feel perfectly real while.. well, lucid. If you're not even lucid in real life then why bother..

Basically nothing you mentioned except imposition and lucid dreaming will work for more than "short periods of time", y'know. Imposition can be done at will any time in nearly any situation, while lucid dreaming will always be way more realer and totally non-confining and just plain more fulfilling/fun, but is obviously limited to when you can actually manage to lucid dream. I'd recommend, uh, lucid dreaming? I'd recommend imposition but you sound like you've tried and not had much success... Just FYI, imposition is less literally hallucinating (imposition is healthy and under your control) and more tricking your mind into believing what you're imagining but, well, there's not really a word for that other than hallucinating lol. You just gotta try and see your tulpa in real life, and keep trying and telling your brain they're real and really there. Works with all the senses, Lumi got imposition down by imposing three of us at school with him every day for a couple weeks, walking between classes with him and stuff. Also sitting near him during class etc.

Buuut if it just doesn't work for you, well, I really recommend lucid dreaming! It's even more work than imposition but oh man when you eventually make it happen, I think you'll be very happy! But you really gotta immerse yourself in it. You can't just "try it". You gotta read about it all the time, preferably talk about it (could make a thread here in Lounge), and most importantly think about it. And remember all your dreams! Write them down preferably! The effort of trying to recall dreams is what makes your dreams more vivid and easier to recall, even if you don't quite remember anything. Since you're willing to go through "17-27 hours of prolonged concentration", I bet you could get your dreams vivid enough to lucid dream in just a few days!

As much trouble as you've had, it's basically guaranteed you won't have as much trouble with lucid dreaming as we have lol, and we're still trying our best all the time after all these years so you can too! Uh, not to make it sound like it's hard, most people have success within two months... only the tiniest handful of thousands of people make it 5+ years with no success and still trying, most of'em give up if they don't do it in the first year. Statistically speaking if you don't give up you're more likely to succeed..

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