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[Imposition] How to see your tulpa and distortions
Disapproved for the time being for reasons previously mentioned. I already commented on this way before, but it would be more of a visualization guide rather than an imposition guide.

It's useful advice though, just not for guide submissions.

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Good stuff, but really this could just be a link to
I approve despite the lack of proper formatting.
Disapproved, Guides.

There are a lot of spelling, grammar and structure issues in this guide.

This is essentially testing's retelling of the "Advanced Vision Control" guide. He's attempted doing it, and succeeded partially, but not completely (at the time of the writing of his guide). I would like to hear some update if he ever managed to go beyond the closed eye hallucinations.

I do think this is an interesting idea that people may want to try, but again, it can't really be approved in the current state.
Disapproved. This is Advanced Vision Control all over again except poorly written. And when testing says that he hasn't gotten further than random uncontrollable hallucinations my confidence in him as a guide writer and his methods are shaken.
6/9 Disapprove, unstickied by 2-17-2014.
I have Schizophrenia and I'm on meds.. I know that when I'm off meds I can call up hallucinations by focusing my attention on them. For example, I have a Fairy Statue in my living room. Every day for about 2 weeks I would look at the statue and imagine the wings of the statue to flutter. After 2 the 2 weeks the wings actually fluttered on their own and looked real. Also, I was constantly imagining a little moth-like fairy was flying around in my apartment. I found the more attention I put looking for the fairy the more real it became and I could see it. So I found that attention is a big factor in making visuals. I'm not saying if your Schiz you should go off your meds. I'm just saying this is my experience when I was going through a med change. 

Anybody have thoughts? Do you find attention to be a factor?
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I mean, that sounds like one of the primary symptoms of schizophrenia, so...

Normally, if we're talking imposition, "attention" through expecting to see/looking for your tulpa might help a teeny bit through immersion, but it won't actually make a huge difference. Imposition is primarily a visualization skill, meaning you'll have to get better at the visual aspect over time. Secondarily you also have to learn to "hallucinate" their physical presence (in the vicinity, not necessarily physical touch).

Otherwise I'm not sure what you'd mean by attention. Passive imposition practice is practically impossible when you're just starting out, it has to be active, so "paying attention" is implied right? In that case, simply doing it will help increase the vividity and "realness" over time, like most skills. But schizophrenia (off-meds) naturally puts you at an advantage for hallucinations seeming real, for the trade-off of it being much more dangerous. It's a good thing imposition isn't too easy, because it keeps people from getting carried away with their imagination and thinking it's real. As far as I know, schizophrenia generally entails the blurring of those boundaries, and immersing yourself in imagined things has as much negative potential as it does positive. So be careful if that's what you plan on doing.

On-meds it's impossible to say though. Very much depends on which medication and how it affects any unique individual, but I have no knowledge of such things.
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Well. I am on antipsychotics.. Mainly Clozaril and Latuda. They are both Dopamine and Serotonin blockers.. I still hallucinate lightly while on them but it's not bad. I'm hoping to take advantage of it actually.
Don't believe the things I say just because I tell you.. Test these things and prove them to yourselves so that you know them to be true. ~The Buddha

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