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[Imposition] Reguarding Multiple Forms
Hello, I haven't seen it anywhere, maybe my searching skills aren't so great, or maybe I keep missing what's in front of me.
To make a long story medium-length, I'm having trouble deciding on a form for my tulpa, she's alright with either or, but I don't want to touch her in one form, feeling fur where skin should be, or go to grab her hand and feel a hoof, that would be very uncomfortable and confusing, my question is, would it be possible to impose the feeling of touch/feeling certain things for specific forms, (IE: Skin for human, and fur for pony) I apologize if this question's been answered or my search skills were just poor.
I've heard very little on this specific topic, I feel, and before I decide on a form for life, I really need to sit and think about, unless I'm worrying my head over absolutely nothing, and I can impose both forms and I don't have to make a life-changing decision it just depends on me imposing even more/longer, not that the latter matters to me, I'm very anal-retentive about these things and like to make absolutely sure.
Thank you!

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well if you imposed the pony form you'd probably feel fur and it'd be weirder if you didn't? but yeah there's no reason you can't do either/both, it might take a bit more practice to learn to feel fur for touch imposition though, still not a big deal

if you're asking if you'd feel pony traits when touching her imposed human form, no?? unless you were really trying to? and even then it'd be desynced and much harder than not
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That was the gist of my question, would I see a human, but feel ponystuff, and vice versa, I want both forms to be synced correctly, feeling hands when she's in human form, feeling fur if I touch her face while she's in pony form.
Thank you very much!
Yes, you will practice both a lot before this works, so you shouldn't worry.

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