Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Jade/Fordaplot Video Archive.
It took, uh, a bit BUT there's now a mega link as well.

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Hey, sorry we are a bit late on this, but I'm having issues reading some of the files (for now, just one actually).
Wanted to re-watch the "2 Weeks to Switch _ Ep 5 _ Dissociation[...].mp4". Tried a bunch of things, but I can't get VLC to read it Sad Am I the only one with this issue ?
Does anyone have a clue on how to fix it please ?
Edit : Realized videos are streamable from the archive link. Will do the trick until I manage to fix these Smile
No animosity intended ever 

Cora now has her own account ! Big Grin

English isn't our native language, please be indulgent Smile
Are you sure the file downloaded correctly? Here's the sha256sum

f41d5d8d925751383dd73e8e502bf1d80d20e7a479a2bc36a8212a76f0606dcb  2 Weeks to Switch _ Ep 5 _ Dissociation _ Conquer Your Senses _ Choose Your Reality-wD506ZOAorY.mp4

EDIT: For good measure, here's all of them:

80b4eb11526b87cf04d9e4f18a494ba5630e6c1faf8b6f6bea1e6423b41b9bc3  2 Weeks to Switch _ Day 1 _ Find Your Identity _ Personality Forcing _ Become your Ideal Self-J4bU0wyfYAo.mp4
f41d5d8d925751383dd73e8e502bf1d80d20e7a479a2bc36a8212a76f0606dcb  2 Weeks to Switch _ Ep 5 _ Dissociation _ Conquer Your Senses _ Choose Your Reality-wD506ZOAorY.mp4
ad513f33ea5dc69da7bdb4b466b1dedce8ee589df1eaab941018b1891977ac8d  2 Weeks to Switch Finale-tfSnnsRzLW8.mp4
954609e4d58970539e72108f3c0524c98b23ad6df678ca987d13320db9c3e2a9  2 Weeks to Switch _ The Gameplan _ What is Switching _ Advanced Tulpamancy Tulpa Forcing Guide-sGh_vbT5M1Y.mp4
d8d2532bc1b71e40ecf3efdad842c8d9d2e8dafcce054d717fa69428af1ba103  2 Weeks to Switch _ Tulpa Possession _ Practice _ Guided Meditation _ Elite Tulpamancy Guide-GcAgMgmYAdg.mp4
bff85bbc5e419db26a41de630238b196f03768156a64ba0b7f8d5ad092dc3367  A Message to Tulpas and Plural Systems-1Y_h3MrOM3E.mp4
c0697c483705b96bccb3f82a8e718f2f7b5767c483edf8e6be42ae09bd70e13c  Basic Mindfulness Meditation Technique (For Tulpa Forcing, Energy, Focus, and Relaxing))-4f-YuLBlAJw.mp4
b0dc4d502946d8ddeb8e280ff330b634fbed9af975375fa81e283ea257f8773c  Christianity and Tulpas _ Aria Song's Experience-cyR6uJ78KrU.mp4
244b558d345ae0e5a6bc2dd9da260f99b193982ea1c6cc9eefb688146851e4f8  Dodging Bullets at Nightmare Nights-qNEUGWV3bao.mp4
c292df21302f7792b8606b61092f3fb07af13b690b13951e145b0f09f58640cc  God, Tulpas, and Schizophrenia _ Stanford Professor T.M. Luhrmann-9-QfbEVSLzA.mkv
c07449bcb08ec720a28667fdd031741943e40f49d4fc8e209f67582eacf5846c  How Tulpas Helped My Anxiety-lYMvNuLFKJU.mkv
a557a49bcf568e24ca71a1dd2115076f808f5f7b3113d5e59c9dbbed7390ca23  How Tulpas Saved My Life (Ford's Perspective)-5l5OvO4fgvM.mkv
72ef16d8e51c4c08421b519cb7d2f3c95b11bfab3f2071612eab0aa7659ee659  I Saw a Psychiatrist for My Tulpas-l9RjcAHEs50.mp4
2c3ac1d5cc81d1e13be6c1ce8529ad4a4a18249bb0efef2fa2de34d82579c4cf  Life of a Tulpa (Draw My Life Video)-h4jcrAVFQZI.mkv
483a70b889a5d3a004539668779aae8e317b95b7d74ba6ec64f2dbac27949f5d  Master Switching _ Day4 _ Parallel Processing _ Boxing my tulpa _  Advanced Tulpamancy Forcing Guide-0ROLnWI4M1o.mp4
ef931bdd60cbb8bab058347d78c48593c749f59308abc271a99e746de2615be6  Real Future - Tulpas, the Internet's Imaginary Friends (Episode 15)-z3j5gtUCkJg.mkv
52b48d01a0d7789e51b27520b37ab9f560478287656ffe1dabe888e37a167606  Researching Tulpas _ A Discussion with Tanya Luhrmann-hXT7dFN0SpI.mp4
ec33767cc43f99f3257c1185a45f864d951cca233c4880e81515192f36bd6bc2  System Shock _ Episode 3 - Surviving a Hostile Thoughtform Alone-j7a1O1VZtYA.mp4
fbc130b716aeac322c7f936c04bc91a89176e9997624fa6fc52668ef975a3bbf  The Harm of Stigmatizing Plurality, Tulpas, and Hearing Voices-lEPgaFaP6X0.mp4
35217a1ada59e3da56b150476390a8c13c765c2b867942f43104249b89fe6d41  Treating Schizophrenia with Tulpamancy (Interview)-7auciV7kQGE.mp4
24bf73ed9c1297ddca369b3799af0f9c12a83c0205b036e6c86c9c52267a53eb  Tulpa Guide-7dJY9-9nSHE.mkv
5373a75225e8f9e5bee433298ff85f87c39943acfbba367abe0436c45b729a16  Tulpamancy 101 - Intro to Tulpas-6V3QA505j3E.mkv
8f1f85f642299f57c88c3d8aa2198dbe2d1182ee0eaeac21706c34ab4bbdbb20  Tulpamancy and Mental Disorders-Qp1an8XSkZc.mp4
6328588f81c9d33e4b85bc13734b3a853cc48270c55936ef988b2088653308ae  Tulpamancy and Symbolic Healing _ Professor Luhrmann's Thoughts-2IsvvnCGJWc.mkv
1092f29c0d7091d617234c5527a92814ba7dab3e3de1cb4e03ca30b97336f200  Tulpamancy as a Therapy (Overview of Research on Tulpas)-cw0vCPNL5lU.mp4
6740c940021be92f092f2275363d0dd5d102b4a6c549df09b1de5ff4564dc775  Tulpa Possession Guided Meditation (feat. Mind Audio Central)-D05l2gGvPSI.mp4
f03ba79d01fe7ffb208808437feabc2c0e4d0da04d97597935ae70ae8993c9a6  Tulpa Possession v1.1 _ Guided Meditation _ Belle-GBMyW3KbxKQ.mp4
33993f32b79b22ef6ba4a6ace2013aafef8c6f54fc36901a2b032a429dbb9bd5  Tulpa Research Update-BPs7jH5MUs0.mp4
0edef9d17e9cbd42bd7a5c85e997b4974053a3f195ac3f8c8d08ee58529da9d1  Tulpa Switching Guided Meditation (feat. Silvermoon)-52Ok3Mx6mbE.mp4
decfaad5e75b32843cab45886b0675edbe6e2914d5c5cd9732c58d04d8518f14  Tulpa Switching V1.1 _ Guided Meditation _ Belle-Zcq4OcqX5lw.mp4
555717baded5cf5e0962b40460b84605f7291de457453a48f7785fe00db2a2bd  Tulpa Time Podcast Ep. 2 Tulpa creepypastas_cautionary tales.-1kvDfB4_Xro.mp4
8242b3c0ab91f5d9234072e556e2c1c5c2a2f0d3e5be372730c4a537fc38e52e  Tulpa Time Podcast Ep. 6 Tulpa-like beings in pop culture.-ATneRcHWVyI.mp4
3c5e6ab4236edddd502b5293de41cccf1cd059f34b20224390a8f42246f0f77f  Two weeks to switch PLAYLIST.m3u8
c94aab9d4dc7ca8877f5151f2333f8305707fe9618053064afa1e68ee5808b73  Unreleased Tulpa Research Funding Application Video.mp4
63445ecbfbfe943b858177042b29c87f0ecc21403ca52832da21c94ad7a9b7c9  What It's Actually Like To Hear Voices In Your Head.mp4
31c705acb9ab4b00c5aa7ab434223b9701f47787ef55764f08f9db13759c992a  Wonderland Immersion for Tulpamancy v1.0 _ Guided Meditation _ Belle-n9FZCBoFMn4.mp4
fbcdba015ba887ce916cf8a64d9c9756db198b95b2ec6de33ee7389da3de1998  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY AND TULPAMANCY II - INTERVIEW WITH A TULPA [Episode 6]-7N14pUP4YT8.annotations.xml
d91508e83f2e6afa4db967ddf422033379aa120219b6596df9d39481d20d7376  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY AND TULPAMANCY II - INTERVIEW WITH A TULPA [Episode 6]-7N14pUP4YT8.description
914b156178f5ee7396518fc638d6f7f8ce4176b84b7a8484e5c81ab1171e3205  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY AND TULPAMANCY II - INTERVIEW WITH A TULPA [Episode 6]
da19cf5eb75559739ca8bf7d131db8046b8a9214364d68b0a6a76564f7a64d09  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY AND TULPAMANCY II - INTERVIEW WITH A TULPA [Episode 6]-7N14pUP4YT8.jpg
dd0aca099c8b5545cd391f15ea07832e6e8baa224379dc63222324b68805033b  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY AND TULPAMANCY II - INTERVIEW WITH A TULPA [Episode 6]-7N14pUP4YT8.mp4
2987b63e87265a06ced8b2748ebe26f0bfb35cb922149bbbf6d499a657931343  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY & TULPAMANCY - What is a Tulpa [Episode 5] Part 1-SI2lE3VMs3w.annotations.xml
115f1e75a5721b0fe6934333aa9832dadc1151c94b66f6fb6d4dccdd9fb58557  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY & TULPAMANCY - What is a Tulpa [Episode 5] Part 1-SI2lE3VMs3w.description
b4015843f253766aa5b46335d53b864cd4cc853e6224dea1a7f9e0ac0f738030  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY & TULPAMANCY - What is a Tulpa [Episode 5] Part
5ee0f5b4537fb280547385edc2ef6dbd6daa3a55c113638f29f0d4182b97009b  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY & TULPAMANCY - What is a Tulpa [Episode 5] Part 1-SI2lE3VMs3w.jpg
3134ef6007f04d0db63d1b5ba1e5595535616fa0c272e9bbc75ed728021cf092  plurality-and-tulpamancy/PLURALITY & TULPAMANCY - What is a Tulpa [Episode 5] Part 1-SI2lE3VMs3w.mp4
Man, even I don't know what to do with those. I know what they're for but not how to check them.
Probably just downloaded wrong, or VLC is acting up. I just use WMP personally..
Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.
My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.
Thanks a lot ! I suppose I had an issue during download... Will try again then !
No animosity intended ever 

Cora now has her own account ! Big Grin

English isn't our native language, please be indulgent Smile

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