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Jean-luc breaks-your-wish, longpost style.
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Heh, wouldn't it be cool to be the best artist in the world

The universe had a striking sense of irony.

A news anchor could be heard nearby.

"Today there has been quite an uproar in the united states about a particular branch of NASA called the Near Earth Object Program, a group dedicated to searching for asteroids which may come in contact with the earth. The organization has yet to find any threats to the earth in its many years of operation. Citizens are calling the project a waste of tax money and demanding for congress to cut the funding immediately. Other organizations with similar purposes such as the United Kingdom's Space Guard Center. More at 11"

Dire exhaled sharply, murmured something about silly americans and went on with her day. Little did she know, that particular news story was perhaps the most important news story ever broadcast. But that gravitas would not be realized by either Dire or the news producers until much later.

Most humans are born with an innate desire for self-preservation, and are trained with ethics to not hurt others. They experience empathy, and function well in society.

Then there are sociopaths. They feel no regret, no remorse, and only care for themselves. They can put on the most amazing mask of pretending to care, pretending to experience remorse, but that mask is dropped and replaced whenever it is convenient. They make actions to achieve their goals without caring who they hurt in the process, as long as they don't hurt themselves.

And then there is Dwany. Dwany was the one that was different from the different from the different ones. He had one single goal in his entire life. Absolutely everything he did was working towards that goal. Dwany wanted to eradicate humanity. When he went to school, it was only because he knew he needed knowledge to eradicate humanity. At age 10, he finally settled on a plan, which made him much less anxious. He was going to redirect an asteroid towards earth, and eradicate humans the same as the dinosaurs. He didn't tell anyone his plan, because he had discovered early on that people did not like to think about everybody dying. They always either shushed him quickly or thought he was joking. If he had, they probably would've told him that "redirecting an asteroid" is crazy, so he kept his true motivations secret when he applied for the masters program in astronomy at Stanford University. At age 10. His application was kindly denied due to his age and his lack of a highschool diploma. Dwany immediately replied with a very stern letter about age discrimination, and when to school the next day asking every teacher how he could get through school faster. Most were dismissive at first, but he persisted.

"Can I just have all my homework for the year right now?"

"I'll just take all of the tests right now, I've studied for all of them. ... Yes, for the entire year, and yes I've studied for *all* of them"

"Would it be okay if I just recorded the class, and reviewed it later at 2x speed? You're going a little slow for me"

He got a smack for that one, but he wasn't sure why.

With no video games or social interaction to distract him, he completed every assignment and test with flying colors. Some of his teachers tried to challenge him, but they failed. They had no choice but to move him up a grade. This happened with every new set of teachers every 3 months. Meanwhile, Dwany was arguing over post about his application to Stanford, and had finally gotten them to give him a hard list of non-age-related requirements for his entry into the program. However, he wasn't sure he needed it anymore. He had convinced the professor to let him sit in on the classes unofficially, and he recorded every last little bit of information. After class, even though he wasn't supposed to, he would go up to the professor and ask a barrage of questions. After just a few days, he noticed the professor was starting to get impatient with the questions, so he specifically formulated questions for which he had no care for the answer but which would intrigue and challenge the professor. By interspersing these in with the questions he actually cared about, he held the professors interest every day.

Then, one day Dwany realized that he could get information much faster from a book than he could the professor. The spaces between each piece of valuable information was annoying, and the number of times that they were repeated was infuriating. With the professor longing for dear Dwany's intriguing questions every day, it wasn't hard to convince the professor to continue answering his questions despite not sitting in the class.

Dwany is not like other humans. Dwany's only goal is for there to be no humans.

And so when he needed money, he surveyed his many options on the simple criteria of money earned per hour of work. He eventually came to the conclusion that black market sexual performance, both on camera and in person, was the clear winner. He found a producer when he was 12 that payed him very large amounts, because apparently the whole thing was illegal, which meant there was more money for him. He never quite grasped why the world worked that way, but he didn't need to. It would all be over before he turned 70 most likely.

With that money he ordered every book he could find on astronomy and astrophysics. To anyone who asked, he wanted to work with Near Earth Objects (which was true), specifically working to prevent them colliding with earth (which was the exact opposite of true). Since he would need to fool the inhabitants into thinking that the asteroid was not going to collide until it was too late, he needed to infiltrate and gain intel. Off went his application to NASA's Near Earth Object Program (NEO). When they didn't take his application seriously, he pulled some strings with the professor for an honorary degree in astrophysics and astronomy. With that included in his application, they took it a little more seriously, even if it wasn't a "proper" degree. He called in to the organization and pulled all the heartstrings he knew of. He told his tale of rising past the ranks simply to learn and practice atronomy.

At age 16, Dwany was hired by NEO as an intern. Once there, he surpassed all expectations. Officially, he was working 20 hours every week. In actuality, he gave himself an hour total of break throughout the day and slept at the office to save on travel time. His coworkers thought he was crazy, and his boss tried to stop him. He was only getting paid for 20 hours, but day by day he convinced his boss to put more things on the company budget, like his meals and showers.

As a 16 year old working 112 hours every week, Dwany redefined the upper bound of workaholic. No one could stop him. He never faltered, never decreased in productivity. Although management didn't tell them so, some of his coworkers were laid off because he could do their work better and faster, and never tired of it. Because workers at age 16 are not technically allowed to work more than 20 hours every week, the pay for each of the 20 hours he worked skyrocketed. Since all of the neccesities were paid for by the company, everything else went into savings accounts.

And he did this for five years. And he got everything he wanted. He needed to redirect telescopes for his work, so he was given access to their controls. He needed to change some settings on their servers, so he was given the administrator password. He had gained a strong reputation for ripping a new one in everyone that delayed his work, including 'security checks' needed before giving access to certain systems. When he had everything he needed, he started his trial run. An asteroid had just been spotted, and they were not yet sure whether it was heading for earth, but Dwany knew it was. He meticulously went through every system and hid any mention of it. He went into every telescope and modified them such that a false image was displayed in place of the asteroid.

bla bla bla

and TK 52 flew by, and N.E.O. was none the wiser.

Dwany picked his target, and hid it from the world in the same way. Suddenly he was actually working 20 hours, instead of the usual 112. Management was not happy, but there was nothing they could do about it. He spent his free time refining the Hall thruster, an engine which uses mostly energy to propel through space instead of matter.

So that's about as far as I got, things dragged on more than I wanted to and then I kinda forgot about it and it kinda sucks so I'm just gonna post it here instead of letting it die along with my harddrive whenever that happens.

No idea where dwany came from...

Nice story so far. I'm curious about how you'll tie one thing to another.
Bonus points for the "silly Americans" part.
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Hey nice discussion. Actually newbie here. Thanks great forum.
Any progress J-L?
lol nope
Welp, I'll ask again in another couple years.
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Work situation? Do you work? Do you go to school? What do you do there? Do you enjoy it? Homeschool, freshman, Texas, yes
What do you do for fun when not doing the above? Read, write, force, karate, learn Japanese

Edit: I wish I would stop getting sick.
Josie, your post is deliciously puzzling.
she answered questions from the OP but didn't provide a wish to break in the first place
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