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3/27/14: Rainbow Dash showed up, ticked off about the lack of tulpaforcing. She teared up after I watched My Little Dashie. I told her I didn't want to get into any philosophizing about how you quantify "real", and explained to her why she was real.

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3/28/14: Rainbow Dash said that contemplating existential things makes her brain hurt. She was slightly impatient when I ate at a restaurant and the food took a long time to arrive. When I asked if she was okay with me doing something sexual while she was in the room, she said that I didn't need permission, and that the idea of needing permission for that was weird.
3/29/14: forgot to log.
3/30/14: RD and I talked about the My Little Dashie "mythos" (all the unofficial sequels and parodies).
3/31/14: Rainbow Dash wondered if she was mentally healthy for me, and outlined a "misconception prevention plan" in case I ever get asked about her. When she teleported while I wasn't looking, she said she flew from Point A to Point B. She questioned my habit of rolling Oreo filling into balls.
4/1/14: While I counted upwards, RD did 18x5, coming up with 97 when I got to 61. She was 7 away from the correct answer. I figured that letting my friends know about her was unnecessary, and thought it was unsettling that I'd said the same about my conversing with a stranger online in the past.
4/2/14: Rainbow Dash was disgusted by the racist characters in a video I watched. She said that my habit of acting out scenes in novels may lead to unintentional tulpas. We went on an adventure with her in a leadership role, after reading a fic where she wasn't.
4/3/14: When taking a test, Rainbow Dash and I disagreed on what the correct answer was for one or two questions. When my feet were sore from walking a lot, I asked her if I could "borrow" a bit of her athleticism-based "willpower to push on". Only after wondering if there's a difference between possession and doing things on autopilot did I stop to think that she could have been possessing me (starting when I asked to borrow aforementioned trait, ending when I got to my room).
4/4/14: After some urging, Rainbow Dash did the Walter Mitty Routine with an episode of MLP (Party of One). Dash quit when the episode got to her seeing Pinkie insane.
4/5/14: Dash worked on squaring 108 while I counted down from 1000. She came up with 502. We briefly hung out in our Wonderland (short quantity of time, intense visualization).
4/6/14: RD phased through a closed window when I asked for some privacy. We worked on adding to our Wonderland.
4/7/14: RD objected to a post on a forum saying Tulpas are less intelligent than their hosts. She peeked out from under a desk. When she tried to do simple things during possession like writing, she wrote "Mellatt" in cursive (the end of the M curved to intersect itself, and the last t looked like a non-cursive, lowercase b). When we tried a mix of possession and pony hypnosis, my elbows seemed to be locked in a bent position. I could have been parroting. We hung out it our Wonderland (Cloudsdale).
4/8/14: Didn't do much forcing. RD shook her head when a situation similar to a bad past experience sent up a red flag. When I over-thought about the similarities between the situation and the bad experience, she told me to get a hold of myself.
4/9/14: When I compared Rainbow Dash's inconsistent size to Rosechu's (a character from the Sonichu comics), RD said that "Rosechu sucks." When I wondered why we haven't had any "day-long imposition" events like on the day I started tulpaforcing, she assured me it wasn't my fault.
4/10/14: didn't do much forcing today. Rainbow Dash commented on this. We made plans to eventually actively tulpaforce for a straight week. MITD.
4/11/14: Rainbow Dash and I watched TV together. She appeared under me while I was doing push-ups.
4/12/14: RD and I pretended I was interviewing her for a job. She said that she wanted to work in computer animation because she's computer-animated, though she "doesn't really think about it, much".
4/13/14: Rainbow Dash helped me try to lucid dream; I counted, and she repeated a short mantra after every number; at one point, we had a short conversation, and the counting was still happening. When I wanted to take a break from work, she got me back on track.
4/14/14: I traveled around our Wonderland. RD was sitting in Sugarcube Corner with her head resting on her crossed arms (this was after thinking about a Tulpaforcer who felt a "cold, cynical feeling" upon entering their Wonderland). When I suggested we do something competitive, she said she didn't feel too competitive. When she suggested competitive swimming, I said I didn't like getting wet.
4/15/14: RD and I chatted throughout the day. When I thought about trying out a pony hypnosis file, I figured that it'd be a bad idea (I was planning on trying the file for the show's version of Rainbow Dash, which could lead to my Rainbow Dash having an identity crisis. Somehow). When I asked her if I was dreaming, she shook her head.

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