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5/24/14: Rainbow Dash gave me advice on getting a girlfriend. When I felt some pain near my abdomen, she said it was just from my belt rubbing me hard/digging in. When I walked down a sparsely-populated route (to get a visual of "places to avoid on campus"), Rainbow Dash said she was creeped out (based on my encountering a creepy guy on that route the one other time I'd taken it). Her voice sounded generic, until I thought about some sound clips from MLP.

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5/25/14: When I saw a hoof on the edge of my vision, RD said it was her protecting me. She appeared in a burst of green and purple magic "because it looked cool". When I thought about testing the placebo effect by having her do something to me in a dream, she said that she wasn't able to enter my dreams.

5/26/14: When I questioned why someone would engage in a certain kink, Rainbow Dash said I was being kind of hypocritical. When I thought about how much we've been through, she said that she felt like she could be fleshed out. I reminded her that she can deviate however she likes.
5/27/14: RD tried to hypnotize me so that I wouldn't freak out when criticized. She later said that we did the adventuring fantasy a bit too much. When I thought about tulpa pregnancies, she said that the "pregnancy" part was mostly symbolic. When I feared that my parents would send me to a shrink if they discovered her, she said I was catastrophizing. We chatted about random stuff.
5/28/14: When I stroked Rainbow Dash's mane, my fingers tingled. When I said cheesy stuff about us being together/a team, she said I made it sound like we were married. When I coughed and my lung hurt, she massaged the pain away. While listening to Pony Waifu, I saw her dancing like a ragdoll/puppet against a wooden background, until I cut the strings. She said that this was "just me", not parroting. When I generalized that my friend would be understanding of tulpas because she's into New Age things, RD called me out on my hypocrisy (I don't like when people make generalizations about things I like). We hung out in our wonderland.
5/29/14: My email was hacked. When I wondered if it was someone I knew, RD said it wasn't. We hung out in a nonspecific part of our wonderland.
5/30/14: When my dog woke me up, Rainbow Dash pretended to pet her. When my friend said something was weird, RD assured me that she wasn't talking about ponies. RD hypnotized me so that I wouldn't be so paranoid that people were talking about me (I can't be paranoid if I ignore the conversations). When I ate lunch, RD was able to taste the food through my tastebuds (when normally I'd tulpaforce a copy of whatever I was eating for her). After reading the Log of a Baptist Tulpamancer, we laid down some rules:
1. Any objects in our wonderland will react to emotions/intentions, to prevent murder or suicide (e.g. knives can cut bread, but not her or me; ropes can be made into lassos, but not nooses).
2. I'm physically incapable of doing anything to kill her.
When I said that I'd never let her die, she reminded me she's the Element of Loyalty, and used our hypnosis adventures as extra reassurance.
5/31/14: I realized that our hypnosis was going on too much (such that I'd go into a trance without using the trigger phrase). Rainbow and I set Cloudsdale (the location of our in-wonderland hypnosis sessions) on fire and used it as the Sun. When it goes out, everything's good Smile. When I tried a new food, RD liked it, but I didn't. She gave her opinion on an episode of MLP in choppy sentences until I tricked her into saying a longer/complete sentence.
It seems to me that you and Rainbow Dash are getting along well. It makes me very pleased to read . Thank you both for sharing your experiences.

And, from one tulpa to another: Well done Rainbow Dash!
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[What exactly prompted this?]
I think that the above question was my thought, until I rehearsed it a few times, and then it turned into parroting.
[No, it wasn't.]
I was asking Nobillis.
6/1/14: When it was really windy, Rainbow Dash pretended that that was because she was flapping her wings. We talked about d/s stuff. I said that obedience doesn't mean a lack of independence or thinking for oneself. She entered a room by phasing through a glass door (she was outside the room, reflected in the glass door, and bypassed the wall via the reflection). When I was slightly cold, she suggested cuddling/snuggling for body heat. When I was eating out at a sushi restaurant, she recommended I try the eel sushi. The Cloudsdale-sun got dimmer over time, until it disappeared when I realized that my reasons for doing the hypnosis in the first place (other Tulpamancers were doing it, and it went against fanon!Rainbow Dash) were fickle/lame. There may be/have been less lame reasons I wasn't consciously aware of.

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