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RE: Koomer..?

[S.] Ice/Frostbite (Hail back then) had a small conversation with Koomer a bit before he left the site. We are pretty sure he was no troll. Just reckless, combined with some bad luck, pre-existing plurality that came to a head (as in, Koomer might have been a subsystem that separated and not realized it), and/or some pre-existing mental health issue. Big issue was that with the way Koomer and Oguigi pursued switching through dormancy possession, Koomer was weakening faster than Oguigi was getting stronger, which meant that when problems came up, neither of them were strong enough to really handle them. Basically, their methods made them vulnerable and something happened during their vulnerable time for whatever reason. Pretty tragic. Disagree very strongly with how Koomer handled it in the end - the way he got rid of Oguigi.

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07-27-2017, 10:02 PM
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RE: Koomer..?

I've never expected that this topic will be brought up again. The guy drowned himself with his own delusions, the kid's crazy and pretty much reckless entirely, this goes with oguigi as well, she should know when to stop, but hey i can't blame her for just following what she wants, I still feel sorry for her. 

Even though at first i was skeptical on his story, but having experienced a similar incident like his made me believed that his story is true and clearly saw the flaws of how they both handled their situation. But you do not need to be scared, if you are not going to be careless you and your friend will be all right, just do not let that fear build up along the way.

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07-28-2017, 05:12 AM
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RE: Koomer..?

Just some observations from reading through his tumblr and watching some of their posts on the site when i used to lurk in 2012 until now. Just as a disclaimer, I never spoke to Koomer directly, and if I'm speaking out of line, let me know.

If you assert control as a host, stay away from drugs once they prove to be harmful for you (if they do), and pursue professional help when things get too intense/out of control, I doubt any host could end up like Koomer.

Koomer pressed a lot of his escapism onto Oguigui, and Oguigui had an intense need to switch (likely because koomer was thinking about that a lot during oguigui's early development)

Also, I'm sure Koomer's tumblr is, to their system's knowledge, all true. There's no way to tell how much of it is just delusion or mental illness, but I'm sure whatever entity wrote each post truly believed what they were writing. Koomer was way too involved with the community to be a troll. He's a cautionary tale, for sure.
I feel really sad about Oguigui though. I believe she was just trying to do her best for him, but he had no idea how to responsibly host a system.
02-06-2018, 12:11 PM
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