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Last person to post with a sentence longer than the previous poster WINS!
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RE: Last person to post with a sentence longer than the previous poster WINS!


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08-05-2017, 12:08 AM
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RE: Last person to post with a sentence longer than the previous poster WINS!


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08-05-2017, 01:16 AM
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RE: Last person to post with a sentence longer than the previous poster WINS!

I looked at these posts and thought they were amusing. I wasn't sure which post was the winner, but I'm going to assume I need to beat post #18's 608 word sentence. I am good at wasting time and rambling, so here it goes:

"I suppose a sentence should be one complete thought, but if all the thoughts are tied together, they will form a kind of completeness on their own, adding more descriptions and figurative language I suck at using, but instead, I thought, instead of bragging about sentence lengths or trying to know who will win or loose, how about the spirit of the ramble take hold and let it flow, not like some bullshit river analogy or metaphor, but the numerous thoughts that come out and should be destroyed later, every single character within the words themselves carry more or less meaning, while overall they should be destroyed, but such destruction is painful to watch, especially if done slowly and painfully, so here I shall not destroy, I will take the philosophy of obscurely long sentences, begin the closure of a thought that seems to never end, and in doing so tell the stories, the stories of the rambling mind, the stories of lying awake at night and wondering why one can never rest, why minds will torture themselves awake and torture the minds of others the next morning, to take the incoherence of the ramble and claim some kind of justice or goal, but it cannot be this way, for there are stories that abuse the commas and take too damn long to finish the description of something or the thought at the time, slowly evolving into other thoughts, and yet such a thought as this seems to somehow circle back to the start, causing the reader to wonder if I'm repeating myself but then realize that I have made little progress, in whole insignificant progress, but a special progress indeed, like an upward spiral into the mind, or a dark thought without a shadow, could the completeness of a thought ever truly be recorded in a single sentence, or instead, should a thought transcend word counts and pages, only bound by time, patience, and the space beyond, which is reaching a level of dignifying stupidity an unrealism not because it isn't epic, but because no one gives a shit about the philosophy, or the hope, or the dreams, of a rambler, but instead wants to know what the true purpose of their message is but unfortunately cant, since all they can do is keep reading and hope at some point the next sentence or two will reveal the answer, the glorious answer so they don't need to re-read all of the text before, but yet they still read all of the text after, because a thought transcends linear dimensions and for this reason a thought becomes hard to comprehend, we must add restrictions because absorbing the ideas of others is already hard enough, and looking at a watch reminds people that their life on earth is short, and in doing so one is right to question what is it about the universe that would cause us mere people to dive directly into philosophy, because for some reason no one really wants to think about life, god, or neither and everyone instead chooses to ponder it, so in that sense, a rambling thought such as this one is not defined by what it is, but instead is defined by what people think is stupid enough to talk about for a gazillion more words or so, not because it really matters if thoughts transcend time, not because we really care how long a thought takes to breathe on paper, but because we wonder why humans are ballsy enough to write such ridiculous sentences, why people come together and write out every word in their mind, why it has to be an essay in a sentence, when the sentence in question much challenge an essay, even those long rambling essays that go on and on, your mind numbs when reading such text, it slowly fades away, you might find a block of text like this in some job simulator game or some other form of fantastic time wasting entertainment, but it's amazing to think how one could sit here, not to read this block of text or sentence for what it is, but to pull some deeper meaning, as if this sentence has no deeper meaning on the surface, but in reality all of the deeper meaning has washed away long ago, it is only now an endurance test to read through text as ridiculous as this, but even this can be avoided, because what about the thoughts you spend money on, the books and pages your precious cents go towards only to find this crap on every page, it leaves people frustrated and betrayed, so to this day I shall answer the question of what is any good in the sentence of a rambler, and finally, an answer, too many words long, is people have expectations of what a proper thought should be, and most are not interested in trying to comprehend a text or an idea when the author should have done them the solid of writing out more clearly in the first place."

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02-18-2018, 05:02 PM
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