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Let's Discuss Video Games
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RE: Let's Discuss Video Games

I just got slay the spire (among other things) like 2 hours ago due to a steam sale and I've gotta say, it's even better than I expected. I'd definitely recommend this game. Five fishes out of six oranges.

[Image: niEEM4xiA.jpeg][Image: niEEM4xiA.jpeg][Image: niEEM4xiA.jpeg][Image: niEEM4xiA.jpeg][Image: th?id=OIP.mNaSkyvToSQz4N6lQNN0RwHaDd&pid...=329&h=154]?

Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.
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RE: Let's Discuss Video Games

seriously thought about getting it several times and decided yesterday that it's just a little too boring and unfair, but if you like that type of game it seems really good + it's actually being updated

Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas. I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written.
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