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Let's share some music!
Arist: Anitek
Dark City ft. Sara Grey
Cynical Beings
Traffic Life
Ballad of Desert Dialectics
4 Basic Grains

Artist: Kanar

Soundtrack: Sonic After the Sequel
Wolf Rayet
Turquoise Paradise
Smokey Bear Says
Red Moon
Neon Paradise Zone (ATS Version)
Also, Neon Paradise Zone (Regular version...?)

Another last minute addition: Arrested Development - Mr.Wendell
I always had a heart for that song, and I'm glad I remembered it when I was posting the above.

Adventure Dental

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Mostly OST's from movies, series and games

[Image: O1biggWm.png] <-- that guitar


Saint Saëns - Danza Macabra Op. 40 <- My all-time favorite drug since 7 years
Randy Edelman - To The Stars
A Beautiful Mind - Nash Descends Into Parcher's World
Two Steps From Hell - To Glory
Jean Pierre Taieb - One Way To Life
Ravel - Boléro
Kenny Loggins - I'm Free
Hatsune Miku - Strobo Nights by Maurry

Vidya misc
Shadow of the Colossus OST - Revived Power
Ace Combat 5 OST - Four Horsemen
Butsutekkai OST -Ikaruga Stage Boss #1
Ace Combat 2 OST - Night Butterfly
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST - Death or Sovngarde
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs OST - Village of Flame
Phoria - Saving Us A Riot
Gallant - Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters Cover)
Radiohead - Pyramid Song
How To Dress Well - Decisions (Feat. Yüksel Arslan)
Cemeteries - Summer Smoke
I wanna see movies of my dreams.
Artist: Lifeformed
- Dustforce Soundtrack

Artist: D Fast
- Get Caught
- Sunday

Artist: XOC
- What's Pink and sucks?

Artist: Run Little Rabbit
- Live performance recording at "The Brick"

I'm not sure if the above band has a web address proper, so I linked to their stuff on If anyone can find a more direct link to their work, let me know, I think it's good to link to an artist's page if possible.

Artist: K4MMERER
- Return of the Sofa Surfer
- Rooftop Considerations

Podcast: BitJam

I remembered the above site, and wanted to edit it in. It's a music podcast based around Demoscene music and chiptunes, the most notable stuff being Amiga tunes, though that's not the only thing. I used to listen to it all the time, and I figured I'd share it in here just to spread it around.
Here are my favorite (driving) songs right now. I like this kind of music nowadays, really just because of the beat. Cool

Missy Elliot - WTF
Kanye West - Mercy
Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya
Rotimi - Lotto
my PR
my art thread
tumblr tulpa log
my DA
White will talk in this color.
Artist: 4mat
- Paper Dolls
- 1989

I've been digging chiptunes for a while, 4mat being one of my more liked artists of this sort of music. I've been in a mood to share, so I've been posting more stuff I like in here.

- Joshua Morse - FLAVA Bomb
- virt - Bubble Bath Aftermath
- Bomb Boy - Back Alley Clash
- zinger & bacter - Yamaha Action

The above is more chip music, from the good folks at Ubiktune. SOUNDSHOCK 2 was one of my favorite albums to listen to for a while, and I still remember some of its songs fondly.
Gravity Rush OST - Discovery of Gravitation
Gravity Rush OST - Pleasure Quarter
DANGER - 11h30
DANGER - 4h30
Skullgirls OST - Event [Normal]
Tame Impala - Let it Happen
goreshit - LDN
This is my second favorite song on the album Dopamine by Børns

Past Lives-Børns

And this is Elia's favorite song on the album

The Emotions-Børns
Well I am in a peculiar mood and have a dose of insomia so decided to stay up, drink Earl Gray and listen to opera. 030

(Believe me I am not weird just adorably eccentric)

Rigoletto - La Donna E Mobile

Gianni Schicchi - O Mio Babbino caro

Carmen-Toredor March.
Alt-J - Taro
SBTRKT - Trials of the Past
SBTRKT - Hold On
Yourenigma - Been Dreamin'
Venetian Snares - Hajnal
Nurse With Wound - Colder Still (Long)
Autre Ne Veut - On and On

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