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Let's share some music!
"Different Colors" by Fantastic Plastic Machine

From a cute little animated short called Superflat Monogram.

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I can't seem to get this one out of my mind, lately.

NieR Soundtrack - Shadowlord's Castle Memory
I've taken a liking to Melanie Martinez songs lately, these are my two favorite songs of her:

Then, some old-man music:

And of course;

Some in-game OSTs:

These 3 songs:

Every damn song of Lana Del Rey. She's my guilty pleasure, but I find this one to be especially good:

And this:

Some pop songs:

This (epilepsy alert):

This classical mix:


This electro song:

Every song of Stromae, with this one that I find to be exceptional:
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The best Stage Theme in any game ever:
(That chorus is god-like. Really. THE DAMN CHORUS.)

The best Boss Theme in any game ever:
(Epic, end-of-the-world-feeling, tragic, dramatic, melancholic, hype - all in one.)


Epic music, huh? I guess I have something for you AG.

How about some corpse party soundtrack? I love the games and the music is pretty awesome:

There are a lot more awesome songs in these games, but listing all of them would be kinda too much.

Also Final Fantasy VIII had some great music aswell. It is pretty unique in the series, if you ask me. Maybe it is just the nostalgia feeling, though. (this one contains technically a few songs, they're all kinda awesome)

I'll finish with some regular music. It's pretty random in genre.

Tulpa: Alice
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Crywolf- Neverland

Mitis- Open Window

Celldweller- Unshakable

Seven Lions- Keep it close

Au5- Snowblind

Destiny Potatoe- Wall of thought

These songs are ranging from "la la la" to aggressive " LALALALA". In all they seem to be great for forcing and hanging out and such!
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Random selection of the kind of stuff that I've been listening to while spending time in the wonderland.
Been scraping around, and ran in to this, which I found myself liking:

Ubiquitone - Live performance at The State Theater 2004.08.07

Lacquer Wrote:From a cute little animated short called Superflat Monogram.

That's some nostalgic character design, there.
Glass Animals - Toes
Glass Animals - Gooey
Cherub - Doses and Mimosas
Trentemöller - Moan
^^^ This is the best thing ever to happen to electro swing.
I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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