Let's share some music!
It's been a long time...

Possibly NSFW for big anime titties:
And here's some similar stuff that should be SFW:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGTSzvlbBkE (I blame AlbinoVEVO for introducing me to this one)
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Oh, found an old favourite from a few years ago:
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What are your favorite songs?
How do the hosts' and tulpas' music tastes compare to each other?
Leave a comment! I wanna know!

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Matt's favs right now:
Greta Van Fleet -- You're the One -- https://youtu.be/S2pa-Eb4wLE
Deep Purple -- Hush -- https://youtu.be/W1PNvopXjbg
Jimi Hendrix -- All Along the Watchtower -- https://youtu.be/TLV4_xaYynY

My favs right now:
Ghost -- Rats -- https://youtu.be/Efup3SWRBOA
Scandroid -- Neo Tokyo remix -- https://youtu.be/MkgR0SxmMKo
Rob Zombie -- Living Dead Girl -- https://youtu.be/MwnY8aLSxqE

Our joint favorite song:
Volbeat -- Last Day Under the Sun -- https://youtu.be/hNOOJ_xsFrg
Well, we haven't argued about music, except Joy's taste for 70-80's earworms. But hey, she hasn't had to listen to them looped fir 8 hours a day for years in the entertainment and service industry.

Misha likes the really generic soft lofi that real lofi enthusiasts loath (and it puts me to sleep) Dashie and I have similar tastes definitely, Ashley likes almost all positive or uplifting music, Ren is a electronica/techno/edm junkie and she only need ask, anything fast paced, which I also like in the right mood, Dashie is also fully on board with that. No other preference has yet been determined.

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