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Life in Twyminstan (Or My Wonderland)
Hello everyone. Today, I will explain something that I have done with my tulpa yesterday and that is having a pleasant conversation with Jeni about my dreams and to stay out of trouble (To be safe). Also, her vocality is improving so is Georgia.

I was having this weird dream that I have last night (Which is way weirder than before) and two days ago. A friend of mine have cried because he got in trouble and is not perfect (Even though he never got in trouble in real life) and this still haunts me to this day. I have a feeling that it might happen in real life but that didn't happen.

I talked to Jeni about my dream and how to forget it. She said that dreams will not happen in real life. It actually works (A little bit) for me and I appreciate Jeni helping me overcome with this traumatic dream. This is the reason why I like her personality as she helps me to overcome difficult situations and to make me a better person. Its like talking to a therapist. It calms me down a bit. Georgia also agrees with Jeni as she is of good help too.

I asked Jeni about her day. She said that she is doing alright and that she is thinking about cooking some tacos (In the wonderland). I asked Georgia about her day and said the same thing.

Have a nice day.

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Hello everyone. Today, I have some very exciting news about Jeni. She have made a speech about herself in Anddale, Kamehaha (Equivalent to Honolulu, Hawaii). This is the first time she will fully express herself as a Twyminese citizen and to ask herself about her ancestry.

Jeni was born in Beypore, Twyminstan to two loving parents. A police officer and a nurse. She moved to George Town for financial reasons. At the age of 14, she questioned her father about his ancestry. He have no idea where he have come from but her mother is from Jamnagar. She then asked the teacher if there are more people like herself. He said that there are a few living in Twyminstan.

At the age of 17, her father divorced her mother. It have been revealed that her father is not a Twyminese citizen and must return to Asslar (Equivalent to Germany). He never say goodbye to Jeni and she must use her mother's surname from now on. She have no memory of her father's surname. Jeni tried her best not to cry in which she did as it is good for her.

Jeni said that she is studying German and is looking forward to becoming a German teacher. She said that every people regardless of their race, language, religion, nationality and sexuality should have the right to live and remain in Twyminstan. Jeni said that she love her country very much. This leads to the end of her speech.

As for her vocality, it is not the best but I am still improving on it.

Have a nice day.
Great news! Thanks to Xar who is letting me use his visualization technique that actually suits me that I will be using it from now on.

The first thing I see is the loading screen that features a white void along with the flag of Twyminstan and three words in Malay below "Keamanan, Kedaulatan, Kemajuan."

Next is the HUD that shows my health, which object I am holding, the time and date at the top right, the map of the world (including Twyminstan), messages and much more. You can teleport to certain locations.

Other than that I like my idea and it helps me to improve with my visualization.

Have a nice day.
Hello everyone. Yesterday was a very odd one but interesting. I will list it out.

1. I have tried something different. I used Xar's technique as a way to improve with my visualization and it worked. I can now see my health, the object I am holding and more.

2. A police officer have called me to meet her at the airport. I teleported and spoke with two criminals. A man and a woman. They have been convicted of working for Benjamin Miraj Sow, a smuggler from the United States of Brunswick. We decided to go undercover.

3. We went to the club at night where Benjamin usually goes every day. I have disguised myself as George Stoot, a criminal from the United States of Brunswick. Others have disguised themselves as ordinary people. We was able to speak with Benjamin and because of his physical appearance he was able to get a girl's attention but he fell for it. We was armed with guns (I was armed with a Uzi). Unfortunately, Benjamin used a smoke bomb to blind us. We have managed to defeat one of his men to chase after him. We are also able to arrest two of his right hand men, Pedro Rodriguez (Who is from Brunswick) and Aaron Singh (Who is from Jamnagar). Benjamin have resisted arrest that we have no choice but to kill him. This was the end of his criminal career. That is it.

Have a nice day. I love Xar's idea for this technique.
Hello everyone. Please note that I am terribly sick today so just a heads up. Let us begin. I will list it out because I thought it would be easier to do so.

1. I was at the meeting to speak with Madison Lee (A businesswoman and a NPC) and George Lee (A businessman and a NPC). They came from a family of merchant traders and diplomats to the Britannian Empire but now that they're free from colonial rule. I asked George a few questions about his career and he said that he wants to start his own company in which it will be completed tomorrow. His company will focus on selling snacks and cellphones. I was deeply interested in it.

2. It was midnight and I was sitting at the chair by Georgia (To the right) and Jeni (To the left). Madison was there as well. The rest consisted of wealthy businessmen. The National Anthem of Twyminstan was played (Here) followed by the National Anthem of George Town (Here). George has made a short speech about his ambition for this company (Both English and Cantonese). After that, a man have gave George a scissor to cut the red ribbon. He officially opened the company and many people (Including me, Georgia and Jeni) have clapped our hands to praise George.

3. Following the end of the ceremony, I asked if he was nervous or not. He said that he was nervous but he was proud for what he have been wanting to do ever since his father died. Madison and George got in the Ford Mustang while I was standing outside to have a little chat with George and Madison. It went very well. Madison said goodbye to me while I teleported back to my house.

Have a nice day.
Hello again. There's that that I haven't mentioned before.

1. I went to a nearby movie theater when a angry Jamnagarese (Indian or Tamil) movie director was yelling at two actors. I asked the movie director politely if I can make some few changes for myself. He said yes. I have ordered the actress to stand on top of the building while I told the actor to stand in the middle in front of the building. I then told the actress to fall down. The actor was able to catch the actress and they both kissed afterwards just as what the movie director do not want them to do. The movie director was surprised of my effort to make it perfect and they were able to film it. He likes it.

2. While I was walking down the street I saw a poster of a man and a woman looking at each other seductively. It was the one I saw earlier. The title of the movie on the poster was called "スウィートワン." or in English as The Sweet One.

Have a nice day.

Fun fact: Tollywood is named after the name of the country "Twyminstan" while Gollywood is named after a city called George Town.
Hello everyone. I have this wonderful idea. It's like watching a movie but you'll understand in a minute. Please note that these are NPCs.

George Town Story
1. It's about a 18 year old girl named Martha Reddy (Born Martha Yamada following her parent's divorce) who lives with her step-father and her biological mother. She never get to meet her biological father. She lives in Kobe, Twyminstan. I don't want to go into too many explicit details but she was sexually abused by her step-father. This causes her to become traumatized. One day, Martha's step-father was arguing with her mother about punishing her lewdly and he later strangled her causing Martha to run away from him. She then made a decision to move to George Town where it is safe. She then owned a apartment and got a job as a crew member of The Monarch. Unfortunately, she got involved in a robbery where she was then sexually assaulted by them until police came and killed them in front of Martha. She have no choice but to quit her job. She then works at The Humble Pepper which is a grocery store. She met a manager named Luke Han. She then met a Jamnagarese man named Jairaj Singh who works there as well. She then fell in love with him and he later moved in with her. Following Luke Han's decision to quit his job for unknown reason, his cousin Anna Han have became a manager and she now wants to fire Martha and Jairaj for unknown reason. They got very upset but there's nothing they can do about it. A week later, they came across a Asslarese (German) magician named Alfred Stein and he did a few tricks on Martha. They didn't get along. The next day, they are able to adopt a girl named Isabel Yamaguchi and her physical appearance resembles Martha. Martha and Jairaj later got married and it ends with her thinking about people she have met.

2. There was no dialogue. A Jamnagerese man who is a Sikh have gave the Hindu man a stink eye (Including his wife) because they worshipped their gods differently. They then heard a gunshot where the three have looked back feeling frightened. The film ends with a summary of what is happening before the attack "This was before the attack that led to the deaths of 200 Sikhs and 1,700 Hindus regardless of race. It is called the Raakaan Massacre because of Raakaan el-Kaber being responsible for the attack. This happened on April 2, 1955. It happened at Kestrel Acres Street." It then shows a logo of the Raakaan Massacre Foundation to put a end to religious discrimination.

So yeah, it very much like watching a movie.

Have a nice day.
Hello everyone. This is how we communicated.

Georgia: Your Majesty, are you okay?
Me: Yes, I am fine. I have a sore throat yesterday.
Georgia: I am sorry to hear that.
Jeni: Your Majesty, how did you get a sore throat?
Me: I don't know. I must've swallowed something sharp but I can't tell what it is. I kinda doubt it. I will be alright.
Georgia: Oh, okay.
Jeni: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, I guess.
Jeni: Okay.
Me: How's life in college?
Jeni: Pretty good.
Me: What about Mr. Stein?
Jeni: He is in good shape.
Me: That's good. What about you, Georgia?
Georgia: I am doing fine. I am currently on off duty from my job as a police officer.
Me: Good to hear.
Georgia: I would like to change my appearance. I am having trouble on deciding for myself. Is there something that will interest me?
Me: Yes. This one.

Have a nice day.
Hello everyone. This is what we talked about today.

Georgia: Oh, hello there. I kinda feel confident with this new form. Thank you for that.
Me: No problem. Is there anything I missed yesterday?
Jeni: Nope, just work as usual.
Georgia: Yep.
Me: That's good. I have some good news for you.
Georgia and Jeni: What is it?
Me: Would you like to go to the city of Kobe with me?
Georgia: Hm, I don't know.
Jeni: Sure.
Me: Alright. I will let Georgia to think until we come to a conclusion. If she say yes we will go. If not then we will not go.
Jeni: Sounds good to me.
Me: Take your time, Georgia. I have to go now.
Georgia: Okay, bye.
Jeni: See ya.

Have a nice day.

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