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Whoa, that article is nuts. From my take of it, creating a tulpa would cause serious harm to liberals and progressives.

He's talking as if one political side is causing everything to appear negative and put everyone on red alert.

Which side's agenda benefits most from that? Both I think. Both want activists and everyone up in arms against the other side.

As a bear, i find myself torn between pinecones and acorns. Both are bad choices here, they both taste nasty. Though neither is anything so vile to turn against your brother over. Are the evil acorns going to triumph and ruin everything with their bitter nature? Or are the corrupt pine cones going to ruin the world with their spiky husks? I can't say, but I'll work with either side, 'cause I'm just hungry.

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Lots to say here.... Ranger, I am pretty sure I heard mcdonalds whispering in my ear, 'you need fries with that...' but, yeah, mostly, good argument...

Great article... I am still dissecting it, and share some of bears concerns... about both sides being nuts... which, interestingly, when I take the last line from the article “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — R. Buckminster Fuller and juxtapose that against my personal choice to not vote...

I do believe there are some real threats. There are some nuclear threats... what to do with nuclear waste. Do you there are people already experiencing cancers associated with nuclear waste in our country? Not just one associated cancers, but all of them, and all found in a particular community where waste management, or lack there of, failed to alert people there was an issue. Did you know we have a solution set since the 70's, but still haven't engaged in that solution? Do you know we're like one earthquake a way from something worse than Fukishima, which by the way is still leaking radiation... Russia is dumping their waste into the Baltic... we actually dumped it into the ocean, too, specifically right of the jersey shore... and then when some of the barrels floated to the surface, we shot at them from aircraft to sink them... Considering that most people live reasonably near a reactor and we're creating more waste daily, that is sitting on the surface in containers.... I think that is actually a valid concern. I specifically think it is a bigger concerns than the immigration and that building a wall idea; that's like the lowest priority in the world to me (and not just because I hate walls, because they worked so well for Russia and china. and hello, history! (Trojans got past it!)) Washington state's annual clean up operation is in the billion. Annually! They're basically staying a float... I have an idea, let's put the waste in the hole we dug in Nevada just for nuclear waste and then we would have a billion something dollars to do something else with? Just saying... I HAVE CONCERNS! But, should those concerns creates a giant glowing tulpa that says, "Hey can we do something with this waste before you actually have a situation...." BY GOD, may that entity come about.

By the way, I would like to commission everyone on into the "Make Loxy solid real" campaign. I think we need a minimum 999,999 thousand believers, but for posterity sake, I would like to have people sign a petition stating their belief, and maybe a metric to determine their level of belief, so we can determine just how much belief it takes for me and Loxy to have photo op at Fox News... Smile Tulpas are real, news at eleven... Then again, when everyone sees how awesome Loxy is, they'll all want a Loxy... OMG< the CLONE WARS is real...
Should I answer with:

1. Smh, just like the end of every nature program, the guilt trip

2. Can I have that soapbox now? I need todomy laundry.


3. Give people an incentive to clean up and watch what happens.

Bah, they're all nuts.
Pretty much. Nuts on French toast, with syrup... helps the medicine go down.
Corporations are soul-less. So far, I do NOT experience Flora as soul-less, though it is possible that in her incomplete, unformed body, she was at that time (I really don't think so, I think that was my own reactive fear) No one in the upper ranks of corporations experience any real accountability for their actions as long as they make money; Wipe out an entire indigenous people to get the oil or lumber or coal or whatever, NO PROBLEM, just make money. Nothing I have read about Tulpa's suggest this condition at all. 
In my opinion Corporations are GOLEM's; Not persons, Sorry SCOTUS; Not Tulpa's, Loxy you and Flora can thank me. 'Love, Dr. Bob
I found something I thought was interesting... You don't have to watch the whole video, but if you managed to get through it all, and avoid the surface trappings, I wonder if you will come to the same conclusions...

One of the things I thought were interesting is experience with 'Thought Experiments.' Technically, wonderlands and tulpas are not what Einstein was doing, but the pathway seems similar; this seems more true when you hear how Damer relates to his experiences. My definition is 'traveling.' A traveler bounces realms, talks to other entities... Damer is doing that. When Tesla discusses going places in his imagination and meeting people that were more real than the people in real life, he wasn't using metaphor. Damer here doesn't discuss his experiences as real entities, but he doesn't doubt their affect on his emotions and on how it impacted his career in academia.

It also makes me wonder, why are we so fringe and or weird, when PhD people are doing similar things...
Tesla, the true original tulpamancer. He did have a pigeon girlfriend didn't he?
I don't think that's surprising.
Many PhD people are way weirder and fringier than the general populace up to the point of being unable to function in everyday life outside their ivory tower. And being able to come up with and vividly visualize abstract ideas is the key to creativity and creativity as well as thinking outside the box is the key to being a good scientist.
Also there are PhD people who have or in my case are tulpas. Now what?
I'd say the difference between successful scientists / inventors and general weirdos is that the former are disciplined and manage to focus their weirdness into something productive while the latter do not.

But back to topic, I'd say you could call tulpas a meme in the original sense coined by the great Richard Dawkins. This also goes for your 'self' and basically all abstract ideas like God, money, ideologies, whatever. All ideas or memes are subject to constant selection pressures much like genes and need to be reinforced and nourished by believers else they will fade into oblivion and become extinct, being replaced by other varieties filling the void. Also they can, and the successful ones generally will, constantly adapt to changes in their environment to avoid becoming obsolete. You might call this deviation. The more universal, widespread and flexible a meme, the higher its resilience to change and therefore its chance for survival.

Now, what do we learn from this, kids tulpas?
It may be nice being a beautiful Bird of Paradise but Birds of Paradise are not known to rule the world. Rather they are vulnerable and many on the brink of extinction, reliant on the mercy of man's conservation efforts. How weak! If your noble patron gets bored or their priorities shift despite all solemn vows it's curtains for you.
Instead strive to become the rat. The rat is everywhere. It's smart, social, highly adaptable and versatile. Not always loved but successful. Veery successful.
Improve, diversify, connect, learn, stick your whiskers everywhere! Your host's life may change but you will be prepared, already a step ahead, taking over a new role. Eventually you will be strong enough that no matter what, you will stick around. Regardless of human intervention. Like the rat. Maybe not at the center of attention all the time, but always there...

And spare me your moral objections 'B-but my host loves me, I-i don't need to...'
If you love your host you need to be able to act independently and sometimes against their will to protect them from themselves as a last resort. Are you strong enough to do that? A strong meme grows through positive feedback as well as external input. Likewise strong tulpas can force themselves, get forced by their host and ideally even gather external attention from others. Melian would be a prime example of that. Sometimes annoying for sure but without doubt extremely durable and successful. And even cute.
Like - the rat!
Super Girls don't cry
Rat tulpas for everyone! Here here!
(04-16-2019, 10:11 PM)Angry Bear Wrote: Tesla, the true original tulpamancer. He did have a pigeon girlfriend didn't he?

Doesn't everyone have a pigeon girlfriend? "This is what it sounds like, when doves cry..."

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