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living in a world of tulpas
Sometimes I lament or fear being boring. What self respecting tulpa would want to spend time with me... And then, like today on the drive to work, Loxy and I have the most astounding conversations. I can break it into two parts. the argument, and the fantastical, hypothetical conjecture that ensued.

The argument: WE live in a world completely populated by tulpas. Corporations are tulpas. They are not 'real' people, and yet they have personhood status under the law. We all engage them, or some of them, on a daily basis. Some might argue corporations have more rights than the humans they were created to serve. They populate our conversations and our stories. They influence our choices. They compete for our attention, our money, our time, our loyalties... They have access to resources, they rally people to causes, they influence markets and voters and congress... The only difference between tulpamancers and the rest of the world is that the rest of the world is crazy for not believing tulpas are real!

Fantastical, hypothetical, conjecture, summarized: the 'giants' in the bible that were devouring people, they are 'corporations!' The great flood hasn't happened yet, it's coming. The Ark is a time machine. Humanity in an effort to save themselves send people back in time to start over... We are stuck in an infinite loop, and the reason people look so different to all the other species of earth is because we continue to evolve within the loop and that divergence is the measure for how long we have been in the loop, and the hope is eventually we'll evolve significantly enough to break out of the loop that we created. Fantastical side note: it was not a comet that took out the dinosaurs. We needed to go further back in time to get a 'head start' and so we nuked the dinosaurs to have more resources and more temporal landscape to get 'ahead' of the curve... We used to live side by side with the dinosaurs... the reptilian aliens are not invaders, they are legitimate share holders in a planet they evolved on and we are at war...

That's all I got... For now, stay tuned for the next news flash, or just build on this. Smile

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Eeks!  You want Mistgod-Melian to think they live in a world surrounded by giant tulpas?  B-but we only encounter the little ones on the internet.  Now ...everywhere.. GIANT TULPAS?

[Image: Scared-Cat.jpg]
cute cat. a cat-tastrophe!
Well, I don't know about all that, but this is one tasty beverage! Wouldn't you like to be a Tulpa too?

[Image: 4a99cf6f24628fa3154450271346d00f.jpg]
OMG< did you do that? that's just perfect.
Ya, i deed eet.

Regarding your analogy of tulpas and corporations, i really don't like it because corporations seem to be seedy, shortsighted, and unethical whenever it is to their advantage and they can get away with it.

This isn't pessimism or hatred of corruption, it's my business savvy talking. I've realized that those top execs that take risks (legally and morally) win big and those who play nice get trampled and eaten. (This is not universal ofc.)

Do we want to think of tulpas with this negative connotation? Even if it's a small percentage of corporations that practice shady dealings, the connotations are already there, so it makes this idea more of a creepypasta than I think you intended.
You just explain the rest of the fantastical journey... there be giants here...

Yeah, I tend to side with you about that... it annoyed me that 'execs' can be on the board for six different companies, and yet if I wanted to work fro burger king and mcdonalds, that was considered a conflict of interest... when I just needed forty hours of work? Lots of things that annoy me about the system... but somewhere in there, I can also imagine execs might be nice people and wouldn't necessarily harm someone, except they participate in a system which encourages harming others, and so, it's the system, not the people.

here were are back at the meme of monopoly... we are engaged in a game of monopoly to realize monopoly is ultimately not a viable option for long term health, the same way the AI in war games learns thermonuclear war is bad by playing tic tac toe...

I don't want tulpas to have a negative connotation. I suspect the general public already boxes it in a negative light, which explains the tulpa stories like slenderman... which, perhaps a story set that is perpetrated by tulpa coporations as a distraction from the fact they are tulpas, because when everyone realizes they're dealing with tulpas the world becomes a more friendlier place, because right now the execs are fronting and we need to let the tulpas front... still working on this. Smile
What about the chem trails and mutilated cows though? What of MKUltra and Clementine!?!? Heard of Project Rainbow?

Follow me:

Project Rainbow -> Rainbow Dash -> Twilight Sparkle -> Teleportation -> Magic -> Friendship -> Tulpa -> illuminati confirmed -> mind blown -> poof, the illuminati are tulpas-> tulpas confirmed.
idk, corporations don't talk to me and I don't talk to them. but like, mascots? Ronald McDonald? or even characters like Harry Potter, he might be an egregore... idk, or not
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written
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