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Lumi's Dreaming Thread; Dreams of Moon
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Lucilyn's Dreaming Thread; Dreams of Fun
I had a lucid mooooomeeent! Like a good 15-20 seconds of knowing I was dreaming! I think that's the first time in over a year for us, and it was kinda longer/clearer too

So, I woke up yesterday at 2AM ish, and then by 3PM I was tired so I just went to sleep because our sleep schedule is currently free as a bird, but five hours later at 8PM I got woken up by people being noisy with the dog, cus this house is the opposite of soundproof. And then I couldn't go back to sleep for AN HOUR AND 45 minutes. My dreams before that were just floaty thinking about games and stuff, and then from 8PM to 9:45PM I couldn't sleep, was just thinking about games and music stuck in my head. I fell asleep probably 5-10 minutes after 9:45, idk cus I didn't look at the clock again after that time. And then I woke up at 10:33PM after having a lucid ~moment!

So I don't remember the earlier bits of the dream well at all, but the latter part I remember our parents were going somewhere for the night on a train and telling us they wouldn't be able to use their phones or something. It was kinda vivid, but only the type of vividness dreams get when you improve your dream recall and they're just naturally a little more solid. But after that I went outside (like out the garage) and it was about night time, like a few minutes after the sun isn't visible below the horizon anymore, so it was darkish but not black. For some reason at this point the dream was super vivid, like a real vivid dream like we haven't had in forever. I thought I heard a cat or something down the street so I was focusing looking down there for a minute, and I guess because the dream was so vivid I literally just knew I was dreaming at some point. I was going to go back inside, which felt like "back to the dream", but I decided with not-quite-conscious-thought that I wanted to stay in the vivid part of the dream because, y'know, lucid stuff. So then while looking down the street I kinda realized it was a lucid dream and not just a vivid one, so I was like yes! Must stabilize dream! But the dream started fading out a bit (either because it ALWAYS DOES THAT and/or because the dream was basically over by then), I got a feeling like I was sliding backwards on like gravelly cement and stuff got dimmer. BUT

BUT! For the first time we were able to fight that waking upness just a bit. Well it was me, but the first time for any of us. I was like, no I REALLY want to stabilize this dream, so the dream kinda pulled back and got clearer again. The feeling of keeping myself from sliding backwards/the dream from fading out felt like trying to hold myself upright on sloped terrain or something, I guess? So anyways, that was the main lucid part. I focused super hard on the environment right in front of me, felt like if I moved at all the dream would slip away, but it kinda was anyway so I tried to rub my hands together (because that didn't require moving) and they just felt kinda clammy and numb for some reason. But I mean, I did feel them at least. But then the dream faded out to just dark-grayness and somewhere between what felt like 20 seconds and 5 minutes later I woke up.

So like I dunno if the dream really ended or not, because usually our dreams like to trick us into fake-falling asleep to get back to the dream, but this time for sure I wasn't tricked, the dream just flat out disappeared. I woke up pretty soon after and still remembered I'd just had a lucid-moment-dream, but didn't quite remember the part that led to it until thinking about it for like 15 seconds. Then I talked to Lumi about it while remembering the dream and putting it all to words like I was posting here, which now I am, hi! Lumi was really happy because this is amazing progress for us and said he was thankful I was helping, and then I told Tewi and she congratulated me and said she could study that experience to figure out how to make more vivid dreams happen in the future. Sweet!

Progress! Lucidness! Happy! The most interesting thing to me is that I didn't have to reality check at all, I actually didn't because reality checking kinda hurts dream stability a tiny bit because obviously you feel the dissociation from your real nose (if you do the pinch your nose and breathe through it thing). The dream was so vivid I just knew I was dreaming already, so I skipped reality checking and went straight for dream stabilizing. But I think I was gonna wake up no matter what, since vivid parts of dreams like this always happen way late in the cycle or w/e at the end of a dream when we're closest to being awake. But whatever, refer to the first three words of this paragraph!

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Please talk to me https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas
02-15-2018, 06:46 AM
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RE: Lumi's Dreaming Thread; Dreams of Moon

I have vivid-lucid moments like this about once a year as well but it happens randomly. Never managed to increase length or frequency. Hope you guys can do it.
02-15-2018, 07:56 PM
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