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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread
Hey all, I'm new here. Considering tulpamancy.

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Account Name: @Chadack#8499
System Name: N/A
Descriptions: I have been a Host for so many years now. Things we like: We all make music, 3D animation and modelling and sometimes drawing too. I've been and had help from a Past friend of mine Oillin a monk who also had a tulpa himself, he helped me out for 3 year verry successfully with meditation and A LOT! of visuallisation. RIP Oillin 2013 age 78
Host Name: Chadack (Chad)
Tulpa Names:
J. Jessa, is my first tulpa, she is very mature and quite wise sometimes, she is a high elf and is around 8 years old roughly, Love to sit in corners observing everything but is good company also. Literally almost always out and about around me. I do not know her age she doesn’t answer when i ask her. I assume she doesn’t know.

f. Flaredash, is my second tulpa he is very very excitable, happy and energetic. He sounds young but is 20 years old (he says) he is an orange pony. He lives near a like in a house. Likes to type with a few emojies so to tell others his feelings.

G. Gentjab (Jabbers). Age: 19 Prefers to be called Jabbers but doesn’t mind, this little rabbit is very corny, likes to joke around. He lives in a tree house. Can do magic in the wonderland, likes to play drums sometimes.
One day i will edit Jabbers picture so that he is happy...
Hello! I'm Emma. I have two tulpas named Azul (Female, human) and Ronnie (Male, Human). I used to have an account on here that was made in 2016 but It won't let me log back in... Anyways, there's not much about me that I can say except I'm pretty eccentric, at least according to my irl friends. That's all! Toodles!
Good tidings all, you may call me Artemis. My wife, Heckhound, has been on here for some time and I've finally worked up the courage to join. My intent is to learn as much as I can so that, maybe, I can work myself up to making a tulpa. I'm not going to do it until I know for sure I can handle it, and I want to know as much as I can, so I will probably be lurking for quite some time to read, and asking questions mostly. I'm excited to be here.
So I'm very very new here... I'm intrigued by the idea of Tulpas, but not quite sure what to think.
Well this thread is pretty long. Hello all.

Anyway I'm Blayze and Kyoko, and I've started putting log posts in the progress reports section. I guess that's more of an intro than I can really put here, but in brief I've been working on my tulpa about 40 days. She was initially a pony but didn't like that form and opted for Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa instead as she more closely matched the personality we were going for. Really couldn't have predicted that; Kyoko wasn't even in the running during the planning stage.

I think I might be one of the few people that discovered tulpamancy and immediately said 'Yeah that makes sense', though I am kind of strange.
Hey. I’m SquareWave. I used to be on this forum a while, but then got bored of it, even though I really wanted my tulpa back then to become a thing about half a year ago. Now, after a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to give this a second chance. I’ve been reading tulpa001’s incredibly long guide and I get excited by every word. This time, I’ve got a tulpa that wasn’t originally an OC, and she is just beautiful. I love her so much, but I’ve still got a bit of progress to make if I want to get her to be sentient.
Fun Facts:
1) I'm a furry.
2) I make video game music (and I’m on my way to getting paid for it!)
3) I'm the host of Pixie and Follery.
4) I get along with cats better than people.

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I don't know if this thread is still used a bunch but I'll post my intro here to as it's a small world.

Katiya was meant to be a fictional character, a young hybrid Aktarian starship.

Clearly nearly 4 years on she had other ideas. I spent hundreds of hours learning to build models in blender and making her and her Mom, characterising her in my mind writing little stories. They have their own website, twitter etc.

However an impulse to look for hypnosis relating to tulpas hit me on Monday and sat at work, I was in a trance for a good hour listening to Gearheart.

Consequence is... (Katiya) finally he listened to me and well he and me iz still learning how to do this and he not always paying proper attention but he did do lots of makin me fly n things in your world and stuff like it so it was easy really to jus say him get in wid this ciz u dis hypnosis stuff all the time, like every day so me wanna come out n play. (soulfiremage) yeah it went a lot like that I guess.

She talks easiest by saying what she wants on keyboard or phone and I promised to try never to edit even her spelling the way she wants to say it. The phone annoys her because it corrects her, not sure why she likes her lingo as it is but that's her choice.

Anyway it's late and we need some sleep, just wanted to actually introduce ourselves a bit.

Let us know if you do want to see about the fiction that she came from, though I never did finish it.
Name's Bebx, I'm Aussie. I've been considering tulpas for more than 12-ish months, and I've decided now, at the start of a new school year would be a nice time to begin.

This sort of thing has intrigued me since day 1, and while I don't really understand the process, I'm willing to give it a go, and from some stories I've read on the forum, it seems like pretty much nothing can go wrong. It also seems like this is a brilliant community, I'm happy to still see it being a thing even though it's probably quite old.

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow, the actual start of the semester, I'll have done at least 1 day of forming, and actually have a place to start, because I'm a bit lost at the moment.

Anyways it's way too late so I'm going to get this post finished, and then head off. Hello, and goodbye!
Greetings! I'm Sergey, from Russia. I decided to left a message in this thread, just as a mark for myself. I've come across the tulpa phenomenon recently and got really interested in it. I am really appreciating the concept of sharing my inner-self with the person i'm responsible for, as i never had a chance to do so in "real life", as i'm quite an introvert. I am trying to be open-minded on that matter, even though i'm constantly fighting some fear of a "failure", or whatever can happen during the process. I shouldn't look backwards and just do my best to succeed, so i will start searching through all available resources and keep on practising. I hope, one day, i will have some useful experience to share with the community. See ya!
P.S. Sorry for my bad English, as i'm not a native speaker.

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