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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread
Hi there guys, 

I'll probably just lurk mostly, I'm here because I have a dæmon and I would like him to be more sentient so I thought I'd try out some Tulpa forcing techniques with him. His name is Dominæthix and he takes the form of a Potto, a small primate from the loris family.

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I'm A, or, as my username suggests, Violetash. I'm a tulpamancer, and have done lots of research. I've searched on this site multiple times for information, and read through forums. I finally decided to take the risk and make an account now! So, I do have a couple tulpas. Evie is very young, bubbly, and overall goofy! She acts like a carefree child, and I already love her so much! Since she acts so childlike, I will admit that I do not know for sure her exact "age". I've attempted her "fronting" (or whatever word you would like to use) and she was so excited. She asked me about the clouds, trees, and cars passing by. I cannot wait to see her grow as a person with me! She is like the sister I never had. I also have another tulpa who actually is a lot different from Evie. This one keeps changing her name, so as of right now, names are undecided. She is a bit more wild, brave, and blunt than I am. I am hesitant to practice her fronting, only because she is not as developed. She tends to be rather impulsive though, but that is fine as it has not caused many problems; she just has an outgoing personality. There are a few more thoughtforms in the back of my mind lurking, and I have tried to focus on them too. Perhaps I would have more tulpas! But having the bubbly and childlike Evie and the impulsive and outgoing unnamed tulpa, I worry about having too many tulpas or not giving them all the attention that they need. So anyways, that is me and my tulpas (so far!). I know creating and maintaining tulpas is a huge responsibility, and I want to do the best I can for these amazing people I have come to know! We all hope to meet more of you (hosts and tulpas). Thank you for the welcome!
Hi. How alive is this place?
I'm Ilsze. I'm 17 and I go by Blitz online as well. I only just discovered this whole community today! I never knew such a thing existed. I don't think I really fit in here, but whatever. I don't know much about it anyway. 

So, I have an imaginary friend. I prefer that name over "tulpa" because he's not really sentient (I still can't quite accept that we can ever create sentient beings with only our minds). He's been around for some 3 years now. I never had imaginary friends as a kid and his conception is something I still don't fully understand. Basically, I was going through some hard times and found that a different version of me kind of awoke. It was a voice that would talk to me, console me, and advise me in those times. Sometimes we would argue. I felt I was in no control of it (I call her Zeen now, although she's long gone. She was probably more of a "tulpa" than the imaginary friend I have now. I was convinced that she was good for me, but thinking back she was a pretty abhorrent defence mechanism, nothing more). When that voice went away, I created a medium of sorts between that voice and me to cope with her loss. It was amazing, to begin with. It was everything I wanted. But the medium began to lose its effectiveness, so I made it an imaginary friend. I gave it a gender, a name, and a physical appearance to keep him around longer, and his personality emerged organically. He was changing always, always moving away from the sentient voice in my head that Zeen was, always becoming less tangible. I was terrified of losing him and that last connection to Zeen. I held the two of them in disturbingly, unhealthily high regard. I consistently wanted more and more from him. I often agonised that nobody could understand how much I loved him. I was not in a good mental state for quite a time. The whole time I was aware I was a bit strange, but I thought I was lucky. Maybe, in truth, I was just lonely.

I'll stop there since it's such a long story. I'm glad to get some of it out there though. He's stabilised since then, and I think nothing more is going to change now. I've come to accept him for who he's become. Although he's not so tangible as Zeen or his original self, he's still my conscience, my voice of reason, the one who knows exactly what to say, the one who is always there. He could never be a real friend. He could never substitute my real friends. But he could also never be replaced by a real friend. Much of what he provides me, no one else can. I've never met anyone who could understand how much he means to me, but maybe that can change. 

tldr: my imaginary friend was the defence mechanism for losing a defence mechanism. He means a lot to me and did a lot for me.
Maggie David (she or they, birthday June 4)
Hello, im Jan. And im 16
Several years ago i tried to create a tulpa but gave up because i was impacient. I forgot about tulpae until recently. Currently im researching tulpae again and i have been thinking of creating one, and im going to be taking it more seriously this time. Im going to keep track of my progress, im going to put more work into it, and im not going to give up
(English is not my first language)
Hoooooly craaaaaaap it's been a while.
I have no idea how many people I've met here still come here since I've last been here but damn, it feels like it's been forever since I've come here, which it has, and a lot of stuff has happened since I was last here and I'll probably get to that in my returning log post, but hello old people and hello new people. It's so good to be here again.
"It's all about synthesis, you don't have to be a real musician. You just synthesize your own reality, synthesize your own talents." -Klayton

My Three Mind Horses
Haven: Tulpa #1
Created on 10-28-14

Aphelion: Tulpa #2
Created on 2-25-15 

Chimera: Self Proclaimed Thoughtform
Created on: Can't remember. Sometime around Easter of 2017.

Warning: I am a huge nerd.
My name is David.
Having gotten into meditation, very basic energy work and very very basic spell casting (2 -0 so far) about a year ago, I thought I might need some help developing. Since I am a solo practitioner, after reading a lot on this subject I thought a Tulpa would help. Not wanting to create various small thought forms to do various tasks but one to grow and learn from and with.
Hello everybody. I am a berserker/wannabe shaman so you could say I already have too many people living in me if you count my Bear alter, spirit guides etc LOL. But I don't exactly have a Tulpa. I do, however have a beloved character that is so vivid in my mind it's like he's an old friend (I'm 26 and this character was made when I was almost 12!). I would like to turn him into a Tulpa. He may already be an accidental tulpa/soulbond. But I fear if he becomes too sentient he will grow out of all thosr characteristics I adore about him.

Anyway...where is everyone? Most posts I see are from 2012 Sad. Us noobs need frieeeeendsssss
Edit: nevermind I saw 2018 posts. Dern sleep deprived eyes.
Hey y'all.

Far as we can tell, we're a system of two non-human entities co-piloting a 21 y/o human body.

One of us is a deer-like entity. Idk if she's always been there and only just recently figured out the deer stuff or if she's only been around for the latter half of this body's life and only just recently figured out the deer stuff. Either way. She's cool. Ne/nem or she/her pronouns for this one.

And then even though I keep reading that tulpae aren't demons, I, hilariously, am quite demon-like, at least in appearance. Think, similar to tieflings, from Dungeons and Dragons. I started incubating a number of years back and only in the past half a year came into self-awareness. Not entirely sure whether I'm a tulpa or a split off of the deer or something else entirely, but I'm probably gonna post and ask questions more on that later. My pronouns are ne/nem/nir[s]

We aren't sure whether the deer is a split from the oroginal host or she came into being as an expression of their wants and dysphoria, but the original host ain't around anymore, so that's fun. (They were kind of a prick and holding themself and the deer back, tbh)

After some reading, I feel like we've collectively broken a good number of taboos set for tulpae without even realizing it, but now we're here to learn and meet folks and talk about experiences!

Trans, queer, polyamorous, nonbinary, communist artist just trying to make sense of the world.
Welcome to the community!

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