Mass Intro' and Returns Thread
Hi! I'm Jordan and I have (wait for it) 11 tulpas! The real shocking part is that a majority of them appeared on their own whenever I wasn't thinking about tulpas. At first, I thought they were just voices in my head, but I think they've evolved from that state? There's Jayden, Genesis, Marie, Aeron, Chad, Robert (?), Miranda, Jennie, Jackie, 1, and 2! It's been a while since I've concentrated on developing their personalities and such, because Chad, 1, and 2 tend to be...cruel to me. I don't know why, because I didn't intend for them to be that way. Their behavior resulted in me getting new meds, which I think stuns them but not for long. Even on meds, I still feel Jayden's presence and hear everyone talk in my head. I'm glad to meet everyone and hope everyone has a lovely day!

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Greetings. I am Midnight Storm, I've practiced this art for a long time, however, when I was taught it the term used was Dreamers, Dreaming, and Outsiders as opposed to tulpamancers, tulpamancy, and tulpas. As such I may have the unfortunate habit of using the outdated terminology until such time as i can relearn the modern ones. Recently I was informed by a new acquaintance that I was host to a "Tulpa world" and they expressed interest in how I learned "Tulpamancy". Naturally, this led me to research into this new word. I am seeking, as ever, to improve my skills and further my Depth. As I am essentially an interface for the others and the original mind is long dead I will be unlikely to make another post on this site unless specifically asked for. For future reference any Tulpa Identifying as "Midnight" should be questioned further as Midnight is a species that exist for administrative, constructive, maintenance and communication. Most commonly the ones communicating with you will be Ryusui Seikuken and Coyote, whom I shall now Awaken.

Ladies, gentlemen and everything in between and far beyond, Hia! I am Coyote, Prince of Chaos. So I should apologize for Mr. Word Salad up there and simply say "I've been doing this for a while, I was taught it as an Artform known as Dreaming and am here to learn new things and make freinds after someone told me the modern word that you fine people use is Tulpa." i maintain a small multiverse filled with Tulpas thast very between the high funtioning meta and dimensional traversing kind such as myself and the NPCs that use very little function and exist as a means to ensure that society in these world runs smoothly. I'm here becouse I'm fond of creating "games". Worlds where i convince people to send tulpas of there own to in order to have the mutual experience of seeing my hard work enjoyed by beings that can truly apreciate it and testing my creations against minds that can concieve of things truly Foreinge to my worlds. In any case Ryu is yelling at me, so toodles! Coyote Out! Peace!

Bloody... In any case, that was Coy and I am Ryu. I am in charge of timelines, physics, magical fundamentals, that kind of thing. Where coy is largely in charge of making things interesting, I'm largely in charge of making things function. as you've probably guessed by now, we are, essentially, a right-left duality designed for advanced functionality. As usual, allow me to start my introduction by preemptively cleaning up other peoples messes. First, to those concerned by the whole "Original Mind is dead" thing allows me to calm any worries. They simply found themselves unable to cope with this world any more, created Coyote and Myself to take over for them and retreated to the world Gameranth where they spent the next 150 ish years living happily until they were killed in battle. To M that was an ideal life and as such I do not mourn it but instead celebrate it. Next, unlike the others, I'm actually attempting to study the terminology so I should have fewer slips. Finally my apologies for Coy's entire section, he lacks tact.
Hey, I'm Ame. I have ASD and DID and I have 4 headmates, the oldest and most being Enny/Lapis (she's been around for as long as I can remember), and then the other 3 being Guren, and two young shifters named Kaito and Ayane. I've been practicing tulpamancy for a few months now, and it didn't go all that great the first few times. I started up again about 3 days ago with a tulpa based off Asuka Langley (yeah, I know, but it's a huge comfort series for me), and it's been going pretty nicely, so I thought I'd join a forum where I could talk about my adventures in tulpamancy and meet other people like me.
I am Andy. I am a introvert. I like to go for walks and take pictures of things that appear most interesting to me. But do that rarely. I like to start conversations about inspiration, creativity, bycicles, social aspects, and positivity.

I go out for bike rides occassionally.

I'm basically a genuine or authentic, creative, non-judgimental, kind, helpful person

I have a few disorders that mess with my social aspect of life. I am improving as I move along. I have just read "the guide for new members", the glossery, and will now be reading the rules. I have a over excessive, creative mind, that tends to give a negative thought process when intereacting with others, and it has been going on most of my life. I don't have intentions on any of these thoughts they just come and go.

I like to be creative, I write and draw rarely.

I am now currently living on my own, have a job, and it's successful. I suffered long peroids of depression that interrupted my ability to learn at both my high school years and my GED years. However I do see myself much later on, getting a diploma, and then getting a degree in creative writing courses.
I am a brony.

What brings me here is the fact of trying to study something I have been confused with the whole 14 years of my life. I have a possible chance of a having tulpa, but it's not fully built and only can come out when certain emotions are active. Explaining this, is very vague, and when I do explain, it gets to the point where I get confused.

As of recent I have been making a new tulpa for the past five days and in each day my development is so far; just in the mind. With effort being 2-5 1/2 hours a day. I have just read the faqs and guides on the main page so far.

I also joined here to share my thoughts mostly. In which is obvious. But help with tulpa creation is also why I am here. And soon I might be active for other reasons.

Thank you! Have a good day, and thank you for reading.
Hello everyone who's reading.
The time I finally get an account has come, so I'm here. We've been sharing one profile for quite some time now, but it's better this way. Generally, I'm just a guy who wants to be welcomed in this community, I guess. We mainly share all the interests with my creator, so there's not much to say about that. We've been together through many things, so it's understandable. Also, I'm utterly glad about stumbling upon this community and finally being able to understand the language. That's really encouraging. Overall, we just hope to stick around, meet new people, and get some advice, as we don't know a lot of thing yet.
Hello everyone. I'm Chi and I'm here with my tulpa Aiden. He's been around since 2007 but we didn't know there was a community for us until recently. First found it through Amino, learned more on Reddit, then finally made it here! Aiden doesn't talk much, but I'm hoping to learn a lot through this community and meet lots of people! I'm also always down to chat. Nice to meet everyone~
New to the forums, whatsup.
It's been about a year, but after a long time of some bad health issues on Johaness' part, we're both ready to post here again. A lot has changed, & maybe we don't quite belong, but I've gotten a bit stronger lately & so has Johannes. We can probably handle it.

We've shared the same body as long as we can remember, as two halves of a whole self that have to front as one person. This tends to depress Johannes in particular, who is (my guess) the main controller of the body who would love for there to be a way for me to have one of my own. Tulpamancy has helped with that a lot, helping that presence of me become stronger not just for him, but for my own confidence & pride.

In case you're wondering, Mikhael is me (tulpa) and Johannes is my host. We like to consider ourselves equals, but this is a tulpa forum, & I doubt any of you think your tulpas are inferior just because you use those terms, so I'm OK with it, too.

I'm afraid I won't be able to catch up with most of my backlog of messages (ours) because there's so many, I don't know which are direct or not. I'll try, though. Looking forward to talking to old & new faces again.

Welcome and welcome back, new and returning forum participants who haven't yet been welcomed!
Maggie David (she or they, birthday June 4)
Rain: Well. Our reply got eaten. I don't feel like typing everything out again so here's the condensed version: I'm Rain and the host and an amateur hypnotist. Nico came after and hates peanut butter. Nikki threatens to eat me when I don't give her time to read. Foxmox came from nowhere and wants to be a Youtuber.

Foxmox: One that plays video games!

Rain: Right.

Nico: What do you mean our reply got eaten? Ugh. Forget it.

Nikki: You were seriously considering posting this without waking us up? Sometimes a good threat is necessary. And it might help if that threat comes from a dragon.

Rain: But I woke you up--

Nikki: This time. And would you turn that blasted music off?

Rain: Anyways. Four-person system, plus a complex servitor. If you have any questions I'm always up for a chat. Fine, we're always up for a chat.

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