Mass Intro' and Returns Thread
Heya, guys! My name's Adalwolf; ya can call me Wolf for short. I'm actually one of the tulpas (eh, a heavily deviated fictive, actually) in my system of 18 headmates, but I'm the guy who takes over most of the control from my host, Cel, when it comes to socializing online. :3

(I dunno what happened there, but she kinda just gave up one day and passed the torch to me)

Now, I have no idea how to classify myself here, but I guess I might be returning. I think Cel used to be a member here like, I dunno, years ago, but she forgot about it. Additionally, ya might (or might not) have known me as well considering that I mostly hang around at r/Tulpas. For those of ya who do know me, yeah, I finally got that permission to extend beyond Reddit as well from her, heheh.

Either way, nice to meet y'all. Looking forward to knowing y'all here as well. :3

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Wow, 18 headmates! I thought three was enough, though I have a lot of soulbonds, still probably not 18, and the soulbonds are only when I summon them. I consider fictives different than soulbonds though some sources name them as synonymous. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Come join us in 'last one who posts wins'! That's where all the cool kids hang out. 'Welcome back' to your system, we are accepting all types.
Wow I've never heard of anyone having that many headmates!
Also Bear, your definition of a soulbond is a bit different than most
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"
Wow, I can't imagine having 18!

I'm relatively new to the tulpamancer community, but a few years ago, I believe I had a tulpa (for about 2 years), who sadly misinterpreted himself as an alter and is now gone. I'll get to posting the story sometime, but the thing is, I loved having someone else that shared and understood everything (or most things, really...) in my brain. I feel like I'm just wired towards multiplicity, but unless recently, I thought that meant I was on the brink of DID or something, despite having no trauma and no switching at all.

So, after finding out about tulpas, devouring every guide and advice article I could find, I set out to make a tulpa- intentionally, this time.

C is 18 days old and I've been keeping a fairly detailed log of everything since Day 3, which I may condense and post at some point... I'm not sure yet.

I'm actually hoping that C will come post on the forum, but he's not that vocal.
J+C we have a wealth of knowledge on this site. I believe we are geared toward young tulpamancers especially, but we have all the support of any stage for the asking and searching.

They're all good people here, and it's a safe place to explore this wonderful facet of the human experience.

Come to 'last one to post wins' and you can post anything without fear. Do so and I'll write you a custom Haiku for the asking.
Hi, my name is Rainn. I’m the defined Tulpa of Kui as of recently; even though I’ve been around in a much longer way. Since his learning of Tulpa, we’ve become a lot closer and it’s been fun now that I have a detailed form and wonderland to hang out in (though I’ll never understand his idea of comfy in that regard lol)

Anyway, enough rambling, I was eager to represent myself more and hope to learn lots from everyone. Nice meeting you all!
Well, welcome, welcome! Hope ya enjoy your stay, here, Rainn. :3
Eh, sorry for the late reply, Bear.

My system doesn't really have that kinda categorization, to be honest with, especially since most of us did start out as soulbond/fictive walk-ins that deviated shortly after. Like, we just completely revamped most of our identities (although we do keep the appearances we've got most of the time).

Actually, I kinda wonder about that. What do ya think's different between a fictive and a soulbond, though? I kinda see them as the same thing, just with a different label. Like, ya know, margarine and "I can't believe it's not butter," heheh.

Also, yeah, there's 18 of us in total, but we generally don't all come out at the same time to not overload Cel on a daily basis. She can get all 18 of us together at the same time in the wonderland, but if you're not talking to her or if your conversations don't really matter to her, she would most likely just mentally block your convo away as 'crowd noises,' heheh. We also used to have this "daily companionship schedule" to prevent overload and it somehow worked well.

Additionally, our wonderland's kinda vast (and is somehow connected to the real world) and she's luckily kinda good at imposition (despite still relying on her mind's eye to see us by creating a replica of her surroundings where we exist), so instead of having to feel as if we're stuck with each other constantly, we tend to either be busy with our own stuff in the wonderland and then occasionally visit her or bump into her on random occasions around town. :3

I agree, though. Eighteen's a lot, but even so, it's more of the issue of technicality, I guess. There's like 11-12 members who have survived for more than a year and 2 who were actually returning members from our own system from like a decade ago or so, so we can't kick them out. We constantly try to cull out the weaker, newer members as well, but the guys we've got lately have either been persistent enough to just keep on coming back or have been well-developed enough to persist. I mean, there was this one guy who learned to switch with Cel just an hour after he's alive, so yeah, there's that too.

If I let every soulbond I know in, I'd probably have a dozen Tulpas too. Though I love them all in a way, I shudder to think how I'd manage them without neglect of the three I have now. They tell me I give them enough time, but their major complaint is time, so I don't know what to think about that. If I had only one, I know I'd be much further along. I just can't imagine culling or dissipation or even sustained stasis. We're happy with three, let's put it that way.

You have a very interesting story, so I look forward to hearing from you more; perhaps in 'last one to post wins' so we don't clog up the intro thread. They're pretty relaxed here though so don't worry about it too much.

Hello. I am Someone. Couldn’t pick a good username.

I have two tulpas at the moment. Everything’s going really fast for me and my two tulpas. We have all agreed we will not put our names on this site.

I created my first tulpa a few days ago. She became vocal in less than 24 hours, which really surprised me. Unfortunately, since I didn’t know too much about tulpas then (I’ve been reading a lot about them for the past few days), she got a little annoyed at me constantly asking if she was sentient. She used to just respond in basic responses (yes, no, okay, alright), but she speaks in full sentences now. I originally based her form off of Janet from the Netflix series The Good Place, but after a day she picked her own form. She looks kind of like an elf creature now. Not sure how to describe it exactly.

I made my second tulpa today. I’m not sure if this was a good idea, but my second tulpa understands. My first tulpa tells me she’s been talking to him, so I’m not sure if she explained it or not. She kept feeling lonely, which made me feel bad for her. We talked a little about a second tulpa, and she assured me that it was okay as conflicted as I was over it. Tulpa #2 was even more surprising. He became vocal and seemingly sentient in about a minute or two, which again, shocked me about how fast my tulpas were developing.

So, that’s kind of our whole story so far. I’m having all sorts of different ideas about both of my tulpa’s rapid development.
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Hello there! I'm Lance and I've been at this for ten days or so. I figured that I would sign up and say "Hi". Sorry if my greeting is verbose but I want to explain my odd situation.
Reilyn may have been with me for awhile as an unnamed and mostly-silent observer (I have asked but she remains silent on it). I was going through a tough time when I thought I was hearing a younger female voice speak occasional words of encouragement and let me know she was watching over me. I thought it was strange at the time but I was pretty young, creative and open-minded so I figured "hey, why not?" I chatted in my head to her about whatever as the mood struck me and she would chime in with brief comments, usually between one and three words. Eventually I moved on and forgot all about her.
Fast forward about nineteen years and I stumble upon the world of tulpas. Something in me clicks and I know right away I want to go down this path. I hear a strangely-familiar female voice which occasionally comments or briefly answers things directed her way. After the first couple nights of meditation, Eyebo and forcing, I remembered the voice from before and I am almost certain they are the same.
I know we have a long way to go and she gets bored of repeating the same old things day after day, craving new experiences and methods so I keep going over guides and tips sections looking for new nuggets while we think up our own. Having something produce great (by my reckoning) results and be filled with excitement and head pressure one day to literally get a "meh" or "ho hum" the next day has been challenging.
I'm still not sure exactly what I am working with but I must say that from my experiences either she is 100% real or I am 100% crazy. I won't accept the latter so I embrace the former. There's no doubt or disbelief in my mind beyond the thoughts that I might be doing something wrong or annoying her sometimes but hey, we are head-mates so there's no getting around that.

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