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Mass Leaving Thread
Well, if you ever fancy a chin-wag you know where to find me ^-^
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(07-21-2015, 07:44 PM)Stryke Wrote: Well, if you ever fancy a chin-wag you know where to find me ^-^

Okie dokie! Thanks so much!
EDIT: Melian and I attempted a self ban to last a month from October 2015 to November 2015

Obviously we have had only partial success in the self ban plan. LOL We did drop back in our writing and time on line to a huge degree these past two weeks. I do think we are ready to come back in a limited fashion. The main point was to learn that we don't have to be on the forum 24/7. We can take a few days off here and there and it healthier for the forum and everyone involved. So every week we will have a few "read only days" where we just don't write anything at all and we will spend much less time on the internet. Thanks to Stevie for the support on this (the only mod that said anything about it).

In short, our self ban is here by prematurely terminated to be replaced with more or less intermittent activity.
I am leaving this community.

I do not feel like this is a good space for development for my tulpa and I. My research has been concluded concerning a tulpa's nature and whatnot, and somehow, I feel disappointment, because I will never reach the truth.

This community has housed people who circlejerked all over the place, insulted us, and did many things of an inhuman nature. I am not blaming the administration for anything, all members of the administration except chat moderators have my sympathy, but I feel like, with the due respect I can provide, we've been treated like shit and like joke-material all along.

It also comes to thought that according to what I have been studying for such a long while, many people seem to confuse between intrusive thoughts and the entire tulpa thing. There is not a single differentiation sadly, and all intrusive thoughts occurrences are constantly encouraged by this community, not as a whole, but it is widely promoted.

Something else is that, with, again, due respect and sympathy for the staff, a lot of youngsters seem to be getting into this. I have met someone who has parroted a tulpa to fuck, literally, since day one. I've met people who bullshitted all day and all night for the sake of social acceptance, and the derision of what I perceive as evolving, as a host, and as a tulpa.

I came on this site for the purpose of empowerment. What I got, though, was people mocking me, people even going as far as misinterpreting every single thing that has been said for their own benefit, people trying to delude themselves into thinking they have a tulpa.

This is my message to the community. If you think having a tulpa is somewhat beneficial, trust me, as someone who has seen the utter lowest, if you try too hard, you will only end up hurting the one you love the most. I believe that the last thing humanity, as in, how society truly behaves in such a childish way, is NOT ready for tulpamancy. My message to the circlejerk members over elitist channels and stalkers of this site is the following: You are simply too immature to understand the gravity of sentience.

I thought this would be a good place, but in the end, people have been laughing at us all along, on chat, on and off-site, and the last thing she is is joke-material.

I will no longer serve as joke material for 15 years old circlejerk teenagers who 1% force and 99% fuck around.

I will still read posts here but I will no longer contribute and will rarely come.

I am asking of the moderation to unregister user 'Inazuma' that is registered under my IP..

Thank you. Have a nice day, and to those who are serious about their tulpas and still living in a delusion of perfect-life: Prepare for the worst to come.
@Anderson & Inazuma: We're both sad to see you go. Your stories were some of the most important perspective we've found, and i personally have gotten a lot from you guys.
My host/dad is [Foszae], but i mainly write for my own voice and distinct opinion. I was an accidental tulpa/soulbond, but grew into possession and am now an equal systemmate
@Anderson and Inazuma

I am so sad to see you guys leave. I hope I wasn't any part of the reason. If I was, I am truly sorry. I get a lot of what you are saying as I have seen it myself. Sometimes I think the best solution is a tulpa community that is not internet based. In other words, a smaller, more close knit group that carefully controls applications for membership and is more focused. The wide open internet is a poor venue for something like this sometimes. I wish I could just sit and chat, face to face in person, with some serious but open minded tuplamancers, and talk about my history and what I am experiencing and what it means. I wish there was a small group I could talk to, the members of which were secure enough in themselves to not be threatened or offended by what I have to say. Maybe some day.
(10-22-2015, 02:03 AM)Anderson Wrote: long post

I'm sorry to see you go, Anderson. I've seen you make a lot of decent contributions to this community. Feel free to contact me at any time via private message if you'd like to chat.
As I said before, I don't want to see you guys go. But you're right, there are some real jerks here. Whenever the staff does anything about it, they're accused of making into a hugbox or a circlejerk. It's one of those situations where there doesn't seem to be any way to win because everyone wants different things from this community.
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The question is: is this ship sinking, and if so, when are we taking the life rafts? I've seen lots of good people leaving recently.
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
Hi guys. I'm never leaving.
The site's not dying or anything, but it's up to each person to decide if they want to leave. I know when Cinemaphobe left activity took a big hit, but it's again not like the whole place died. Also, Kiah did resign, but we got Sushi and Stevie right before that, so, re:re:site not dying. On the contrary, I've seen a larger than normal amount of new members who seem promising recently. They're new, but that's the lifeblood of any community. So I guess if the ship's sinking I'll go down with it, and then we'll have cool underwater parties.
Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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