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May I Draw Your Tulpa?/Comics
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RE: May I Draw Your Tulpa?/Comics
When drawing, me and a lot of other people flip their drawings to find mistakes easier... needless to say its a bit of a shock when something that was looking pretty good turns rancid at the touch of a button. And since I've been drawing completely new stuff on this thread, I've had quite a few shocks in the past couple of weeks.
   I kept trying to make the flipped image look horrible, but where the drawing was so simple it didn't look as bad as it normally does... so I just had to... uh... unfix it to make things disproportionate? 
   Keep the requests coming guys!

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   Hello! Our names are Slipper (host) and Sans. We blend a lot, so we're sorry if we flip between "I" and "We" constantly.
   Also our grammar sucks.
01-14-2017, 10:40 PM
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RE: May I Draw Your Tulpa?/Comics
Your art is very cute (: I like it.

If you have some spare time, could you draw me too please. I look like this:

[Image: 1_7786.png]

[Image: Rora.png]

I wear a white summer dress and an elegant silver tiara . I have white wings and my hair is down to my waist. Thank you.

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