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Melian's Game of Random Silly Things
The game is, post something really stupid and random. It can be a picture or a video or a poem or joke or anything. Then the next person rates it on a scale of 1 to 10 on how much they like it scale, 1 being suck ass and 10 being the best thing they have seen in a long time.

After rating the previous post 1 through 10, post your own random silly thing that will be in turn rated by the next person playing the game. You can even keep points scores if you want to see who is winning the highest number of random-silly stuff points.

I will start with this:


Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

+1 point for caliper pun.

overall, 7/10

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it was in my stomach.
Meh I rate that a 2. It was amusingly stupid, but kinda lame.

[Image: when_your_mom_calls_you_by_your_full_nam...9412144952]
Ah, give it 5, kinda generic... but yeah, it's synonimous of getting in a bad xD

(These are stereotypes don't take me seriously -->)Americans have been specialists in doing weapons and computers, italians know how to do good pizzas and Australia got platypuses, and Brazil? Brazilians know how to do... Memes! Prepare yourself for sillyness and randomness in its purest form!

(you can translate "foda-se" as "fuck up everything" Smile, it's just the tip of the iceberg!)
Cecilia is the only tulpa, is about my age (in form), changes it once in a while and just enjoys to see the circus catch fire :P
I go by Ephemeral because it's a nice word, but maybe just Ephe is shorter. A guy who likes doing math and programming and dreaming.
"You're not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop"--Rumi
I give this one a solid 8 for the cool animation and the old man dancing and a new word for me to know!

[Image: Funny-Selfie-Fail-1.jpg]

You know, if your gonna live your life posting selfies online, it only makes sense that you go out posting a selfie online. Who is gonna hit the share button though?
I laughed a little, but that's a 6 in my opinion.

What about this?

Is it random? Is it silly? Is it even funny? Who knows!?
Currently working on Seren, so that she gets to shut me up frequently.
7.5/10 pretty funny.

Quick question: If I've already seen the thing, should I rate based on my reactions when I first saw the thing or my reactions now?

Either way, rate this: ASDF MOVIE
That's an 8, I laughed pretty hard.

Quick answer: I don't know, based on the first time you saw it, maybe? I had already watched the ASDF movie too, but it still made me laugh a lot. :P

By the way, guys: do you love cats?

Currently working on Seren, so that she gets to shut me up frequently.


Oh no, I forgot to rate. 4/10


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