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Mentorship Program
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Mentorship Program

One of the primary topics of the last two community meetings has been the proposed mentorship program. We've decided to put this into place so that we can help new users get started with creating a tulpa, and help some of the more experienced users who have hit a wall when it comes to progress. We're also willing to take experienced users who would like help with advanced topics such as imposition and switching. With this program, our experienced users are able to share some of their knowledge with a new generation of users.

The way that this program works is simple; in the designated thread, answers some of the questions provided in the OP to give other members some information about yourself. The staff will decide whoever if you're a suitable candidate, and you'll be added to the mentor list if you are.

We also have a form for feedback, positive or negative, so if you have any comments about your mentor, feel free to fill that out. Any feedback is appreciated.

Here is the main thread where you can apply to be a mentor or get in contact with a mentor.
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