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Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidys, which ever you like)
Hey! Just wanted to wish everyone and their tulpa(s) a Merry Christmas /Happy Holidays!

I wondering though, did you give your tulpa anything and/or did you tulpa(s) give YOU anything? (I under stand tulpas can't give you physical objects. I mean give you a gift in your mind/wonderland or something. If your tulpa DID give you a physical object with out you knowing, I would like to know how he/she/it did it!)

I asked Ben what he wanted. I think he said chocolate (I'm still working on getting responses from him). So, I gave him chocolate bar (in my mind, of course) and he ate it.

"Did you like it?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

"Did you get me anything?"



I love hugs from him Smile
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Naw, that's cute. <3

Maja and I didn't get anything for each other.
[In fact, she wasn't even the first one to wish me merry Christmas, she completely forgot! xD]
..yeah. Woops. But eh, we spend a nice day together and I'll probably get her something in the next couple of days. Probably some chocolate. Big Grin
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I moved the thread to the lounge, since it is pretty much just off topic talk.

I didn't do anything christmas related with my tulpa, though.

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