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[Misc] A Tulpa Checklist

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This is nice and all, but you may come to find that faqman's guide is a bit overkill, and thus a checklist for it is relatively redundant.
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The above post does not contain facts.
q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.
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-Well Done
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The time required for this stage ranges depending on the tulpa's size."

Don't count hours, yo. And welcome aboard.
>realistically 10 – 25 hours

"I enjoyed the personality stage and all, but I don't think I could have handled 25 hours of hearing about myself. I suppose one would need a lot more if somehow their tulpa wasn't sentient for a long period of time, but being sentient and hearing the same traits again and again would get boring I think, I say do as much or as little as you and your tulpa need. It is mostly there to get you to understand who your tulpa is. If you get it and have fleshed it out and your tulpa seems to be responding, don't limit yourself to repeating it again and again. Don't stress, have fun, and enjoy your tulpa!"-Jaden

Please get rid of the hour counts, those are hazardous. Also add "assume sentience from beginning" or "treat as sentient".

Apart from a few other nitpicks I have with FAQ's guide (doing senses separately, waiting until the end to impose, not narrating from day one, personality is optional, etc.), it looks fine.
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(09-23-2012, 02:25 AM)Chupi Wrote: Also add "assume sentience from beginning" or "treat as sentient".

so much yes. I completely and wholeheartedly believed Lucifer would move and talk from the very moment I moved him, with no doubts in my mind. And you know what? He did move the moment I made him.
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This would be good for Resources, seeing how it's just a means for getting newcomers to get a routine going on. But it feels like this is the type of thing I would get after I made 6 easy payments of $19.95 if tulpas were marketable.

It's not really a guide, seeing how things are implied to stack onto each other even though it's clear anyone can start anywhere they feel is reasonable within their capabilities.
This is nice. A lot of familiar content. Unfortunately, I'll have to disapprove it as a guide because it's not really a guide per se. Resources would be a better place for this.
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