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[Misc] Servitor Creation Guide
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RE: Servitor Creation Guide
(12-07-2016, 04:01 PM)Proxincz Wrote: Hello community. I'm trying to create a server. I wrote his purpose on an A4 paper, along with the tasks, the appearance of my server, mantra, name and symbol. I can not make a statue for him. So, can I keep it on paper? And, do I have to do everything the server should do before, for him to learn or something?

Thanks in advance.

[Hail] Never known anyone to write these things down on paper during the planning phase, but it sounds like a useful idea for getting the plan for a servitor figured out. Nothing wrong with keeping the paper either.

What do you mean by "statue" when you said "I can not make a statue for him."?

In order to make the servitor, their tasks have to be something that is actually doable. It is hard to make them be able to do something that you could do if you put in the time but just haven't learned yet. It is a lot easier if you can already do them since then you can puppet the servitor to do them.

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