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Mostly J's Art Thread
Wow, Jamie Ross!

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Just so you know, I for one see the happy little tree.
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Excellent work. Makes a person want to go spend some quiet time... Any bears there?
(03-18-2019, 02:34 AM)J+C Wrote: A very liberal interpretation of a Bob Ross video. I was shooting for my wonderland and had Cassidy in my ear going "More trees... greener... more reflections." It's spring there, right now, but this painting is in fall. It says "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake  - Henry David Thoreau" on the bottom edge, but I cropped out my handwriting  Smile

[Image: 2U1PE3T.jpg]
My first landscape in gouache. More than a bit muddy, but I'm happy with it. It's hanging up in my desk cubicle at school, now.
Very good. Especially with gouache. I find it much harder to work with when wanting the multiple shades and textures in a landscape. Good Work. Dr. Robert
You are a very talented artist, keep up the good work!

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Wow, neat! You guys are getting better! And I totes agree with Cassidy, hehe. More trees, greener!
Cassidy drew this in my sketchbook a few days ago and really upset me. Gavin and I recognized some phobic feelings about it (Wanting to rip out the page) so he asked if I was willing to redraw it (to expose myself and desensitize to the fear.) I want to do it in ink and gouache or maybe marker, and I'll be able to have smoother lines. But I don't mind this. It only look like fifteen minutes, it's real simplistic. It shouldn't be, but it's still sort of gobsmacking to me that my brothers are able to draw from different places, with completely different goals and means of expression... Cassidy's art especially has changed a lot. -J
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