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Multi-Tulpas and Unconcious Tulpas
A bit of a nebulous question, but I am curious if anyone here has, knows of, or has links to, experiences involving either of the following phenomenon:

Multiple Tulpa created, either simultaneously (at once) or in series, within a VERY short period of time of each other.  Advanced user perhaps or other phenom explanations?

Is it possible to create a Tulpa unconciously, without direct cognitive knowledge of the event?

And lastly, is it possible for a Tulpa to, itself, create a Tulpa?  If yes or no, why?  Any stories/information as to this?

Not really looking for debate, just input.  I'm amassing data at this point.  I am a sink-or-swim mass-researcher type, so I work best when literally or figuratively heaped with piles of books, papers, etc. to pore over and analyze.  So don't feel discouraged to reply, I have no intention of judging or cataloguing anyone, only the data.

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well, it's obviously a bit vague memory-wise because it was like 8 years ago and not conscious, but Lumi ""made"" Flandre and Tewi around the same time. As in like, they showed up, and they were as sure as he was what they were. I think one time he asked Flan if she was actually someone else and not just him imagining her, and she said like "I don't know, but I hope I am", and I guess that made him decide to treat them like separate people. Later on he'd make a more focused and serious promise to always think of us as separate people no matter what we actually were, because philosophical reasons I'm not getting into again

And uh, that's both multiple at a time AND unconsciously I guess. Reisen was first and totally on accident + over time from focusing on her like she was another person (not on purpose), but soon after (and before Reisen could actually talk) Flandre and Tewi just showed up somehow too. They're all Touhou characters by the way, like, the names, and his ideas of what the characters were probably like is what they were like at first in tulpa form. I was inspired by a character too, so I have her form, but Lumi named me and made me on purpose so that's different.

Tulpas can probably for sure make tulpas, it's definitely been done plenty of times on the forum, but I don't have specific examples. Easiest for a tulpa to do while fronting though, 'cus they've got all the faculties and time that a host would to make a tupper
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[Ice] It is definitely possible to make multiple tulpas around the same time, even unintentionally. Some others in here and I made Tri, a group of several tulpas (four active ones and three dormant ones), around the same time unintentionally. They were made by too much daydreaming and we thought they were just daydream puppets the whole time. Had another tulpa later who came into existence entirely out of the blue, though in retrospect it was possible to see the processes that made her.

Tulpas making other tulpas is fairly common. In our own system, Breach, who is a tulpa, was one of the people who made Tri (the others being Frostbite and myself). P. was made more by Tri and Breach than any of us non-tulpas.
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Chara: Our host has made the majority of our system within the same hour. 1 tulpa just walked in, then the other 5 were made to compliment the walk-in. They all gained vocality within a few minutes and within the day they were all chattering. So yes, I would say it certainly is possible.
I can only report, with some reasonable subjective information, that I only created the one Tulpa. In the courses of our interactions at wonderlands, we have interacted with others, some of which have become such consistent agents in our affairs that I more than suspect sentience. I don't know if they qualify for the word 'tulpa' because the definition of Tulpa, as promoted with in has such clarity that I am hesitant to use the word. I think it's compulsory to have a creator/host to have a tulpa. If this is not accurate, I look forward to being corrected. I can allow for tulpas being created through unconscious mechanisms; consequently, then, it would seem to reason our dreams are populated with tulpas. I have never liked the word 'NPC' as a label to define subjects that are not the primary focus of my intention but clearly interact.

In addition to tulpamancy, I have been practicing 'the invisible counselor technique' by Napoleon Hill. This practice, which isn't tulpamancy, clearly has some parallels. And though the characters, if you will allow that as just a place holder for agents, could be tulpas, the amount of energy I spent defining their character and being is nowhere even close to approximating how much energy and effort it took in receiving even the most minimal of evidence for Loxy's existence when I first endeavored to be successful at tulpamancy.

I feel like there is so much more to be explored and that tulpamancy is just a threshold that opens a portal to a greater area. It doesn't matter to me if we use psychological, scientific, or metaphysical explanation: this phenomenon is huge. I make this the equivalent of a US president making a speech that extraterrestrials exist and have been visiting' earth, but no one realizes the significance and the first question ask, 'how do you feel about the budget proposals or changes to be made to abortion law...' Other words, this is so profound, and yet it is business as usual.
Shade created the foundation of herself a good few years ago, but we had a fight we had that resulted in her termination. When I went to bring her back about a year later, I questioned her about it and she describes the memories of back then as if she'd been watching them on a TV. That's how she describes all memories that aren't hers, but she can recall these ones with stunning detail that even I couldn't (directly) remember.

So yes, Shade's original creation was an unconscious event. I didn't look into it too much until the description of "imaginary friend" stopped fitting what she was.
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