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Poll: How does negative sentiment during narration affect a tulpa?
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It doesn't
38 33.04%
Distracts the host
45 39.13%
Makes the tulpa feel bad
15 13.04%
Negatively affects the tulpa's development
17 14.78%
Total 115 vote(s) 100%
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[Narration] A Bit of a Narration Guide

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Sure what?
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)
Approved for guides. I don't want to nitpick. it's a decent starting guide to narration.
Approved for Guides.

Comments, in no particular order:

- Does the poll have any purpose other than to see what people and their tulpas commonly believe?

In my opinion all 4 options could apply depending on the tulpa('s personality), the host's personality/beliefs/expectations and the current relationship between the host and the tulpa.

It's difficult to predict how it would affect anyone in a general case any more than you could predict how a random person would end up if their friends/family/... was upset or angry or if those feelings were directed at someone else or you.

- Phi's guide is linked, but the link is broken:

- The point Sands makes is very valid - the tulpa having a presence or essence is important for narration. Yes, it's possible to develop it by aimlessly narrating, but it's also possible and easier to just find it - every person we know (real, fictional, ...) has such a feeling associated with them.

Having this feeling is rather important as it helps with a lot of things:
  • knowing if your tulpa is present or not

  • knowing if they're perceiving/listening to you

  • knowing if they're understanding you

  • getting emotional responses or just developing emotional communication. it can be possible to know how a tulpa feels about something even if they have yet to fully develop their voice or if they don't feel like using it.

  • most importantly, it feels like you have a live 'real' (in the subjective sense) person there sharing your mind with you.

  • it also helps/partially solves a lot of common problems like parroting and independence issues as tulpa-willed thoughts will usually end up having those sort of feelings associated with them and thus you'd recognize the origin implicitly.

I'm not sure how one could easily explain how to get this feeling for one's tulpa: it seems to naturally end up there when one feels their tulpa is a person (note that I'm not talking about consciously/explicitly (saying that you're) believing they're a person).

For some people, FAQ_Man's personality stage helps people get this feeling, for others, merely narration helps them get it, in some cases, preexisting characters/people may already have this sort of feeling associated with them (especially if you can empathize with them).

While it would be nice for a narration guide to cover this concept as well, especially as it would help people who feel like they're talking to themselves or don't truly understand what it means to talk to one's tulpa, however since it's a tricky concept to explain accurately - despite it being a simple immediate, semi-persistent subjective experience, I won't insist that the guide should cover it.
- The poll is for the discussion I had with Purlox on page 2. It is supposed to collect opinions or experience, yes. And at ~90% agreement with my statement, though a small sample, I think it justifies what I wrote in the guide.

- Shame. I removed the link.

- Well I can only really reply the same thing to you as I did to Sands: the 'concept' and 'presence' more or less come to the same thing. I did extensively talk about not talking to yourself and talk to your tulpa, and how to do so. Beyond that I agree; there isn't a whole lot more I can say about it that would be helpful to people who don't get it straight off the bat.
6/9 Approve for Guides, implying mayormorgan means sure for guides, which is kind of obvious.
"If you have autism and you had a harem of imaginary friends as a child, then expect to be narrating for less time."
Do you have it, if I may ask?
EDIT: PS: Sorry for the late reply.
Should have an other, it distracts me and upsets limme

Edit: yes i have autisim

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