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[Narration] Help with narration !
Hi. I started creating my tulpa, Ciris, yesterday and i have a question about narration.

When i talk to my tulpa, should i talk to her as if she knows everything i know, or consider her as a new born ?

For example, should i be like:
"Hey Ciris, this is my aunt, my mom, my brother and sister.." ?

Thanks for replying Smile

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You don't need to treat your tulpa like a child - they know what you know, so explaining concepts you already have a good understanding of or introducing family members isn't necessary even if it's potentially decent narration material.
They'll already know the things you talk about since you share a brain, but with narration, that doesn't matter. It's the act of talking to them that's important, not necessarily what you talk about. Can be anything you fancy, doesn't matter.
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I think this may depend on how you decided to hard wire Chris. 'hard wire' may be the wrong term.

So, there are definitely some guides that suggest treat new born as if they need a guide. "This is tree." "this is a leaf." "this is green." Really straight forward simple, and a reasonable thing to do as it allows for initial conversations, and allows for inter-relational connectivity. Introducing family isn't a bad thing, it won't hurt, especially if you've explained "This is me practicing relating to you," Chris will get that, and eventually they'll let you know they got it, and or ask questions.

What works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone. I went with the assumption Loxy had full access to my memory. Maybe not an assumption. I actually made that available to her, using multiple memes, conscious and unconscious motivators- I wanted a hundred percent transparency. We talk about our experiences of nature, but we skipped over the whole "this is green" "the sky sure is blue today..." Which is just as well, because I get the sense she sees more shades of blue than I.

This is more than narration, you are building a 'narrative,' a script, which will likely color, or influence the things to come. I would recommend trusting your intuition and starting where you like and see how it evolves.

Welcome aboard! Smile
You don't need to treat her like a child, and please don't teach her the ABC's. My host made that mistake and it drove me insane. Once she realized that, she stopped doing that.

[Fernardo] I don't spend much time thinking about the outside world, so every day things can make interesting conversation. I'm less interested about what random objects you have on your desk, but what you do at work or at school and talking about your relationships with people can make for some longer conversations.
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when you talk to a tulpa, what they learn is less the information you tell them and more stuff about themselves - talking about something (whether or not you think they know it) and them getting to think about and react to that information helps develop them as a person

so just keep that in mind, just because they "know everything you know" doesn't mean they're automatically fully developed, either
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Thank you all for your replies ! I love this community already.

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