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New Dark/Light Theme Alternatives
We've just added a bunch of Dark/Light Theme alternatives!


We listened to feedback from people complaining about the new horizontal avatar/info area eating up far too much vertical space and generally looking not very nice, and we decided to switch back to the Classic layout! However, we've provided Alternative versions of each theme for those who want to keep the horizontal layout.

We've also created extra versions of each theme (again with Alternative flavours) with max widths of 1200px. Some users have raised complaints about the forums scaling to a ridiculous width on their monitors, so we're providing these themes for those people.

Once again, if you have any general feedback, questions, or concerns about the themes, don't hesitate to reply to this thread.

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Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Changed size and color of post signatures for improved thread and post readability
  • Fixed long usernames breaking Classic post layout

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