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Our Head-Shenanigans
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RE: Our Head-Shenanigans

So I guess I'll update a bit? God I don't know, LOL.

So something Chel (Michael) didn't put in his little update is we actually had someone new come about. At first we thought this was completely random- which it still kind of is- but we've since pieced together it was actually Taku who forced him into existence without actually meaning to. He's been since adjusting well, you might see him on here at points mentioned. He doesn't seem to really like deep thinking too much, more taking things at face value- unlike say, Claude, who wants to study philosophy.

This is a slight problem, however, as this brings us to a total of 13 people in here. And due to this, going by a "Talk whenever you want!" mindset just isn't going to cut it anymore, considering the last time we did that, well... things got bad.

Now, I have worried about a repeat of last time at least a few times, looking over our numbers, trying to balance things- but it will be different, this time. Especially because now, my girlfriend is fully in the know, and we all work together to make sure her system, as well as mine, get ample attention and time outside of the little mind bubble.

To add to this we've re-instated a "Feature day" schedule, where two people will get to focus on exploring their wants and desires for the majority of the day. This doesn't mean others can't pop up and talk on those days, they just won't get the playlist choice, or the choice of other things to explore unless said featured person can't think of anything.

This hasn't been implemented long, but so far it's been working out well. Today was Jade and Taku, we mainly went outside and explored- we're still doing things, but I feel this has allowed me especially to get to know Jade better- and for him to know himself, better. He's definitely a more positive person, whereas we're learning Taku is far more picky with foods.

I might start updating this more frequently as the days pass, noting specifics from these feature days, but we'll just see. That's all for now- when more happens, I'll let you know.
05-18-2018, 08:50 PM
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