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RE: Our Tulpa Endeavor
I've been focusing a lot on fronting lately, though I don't know if we're really any closer to switching. Tacio hasn't been depressed (we brought back P&HJP and they helped him, then they left), but we haven't really given him and Piano all that much attention or fronting time, aside from Piano working on his guide (which is pretty awesome and will likely be published soon). Indigo fronted with me a lot too, but currently he's in some sort of funk. First time anyone's really been depressed in a while, so I'll say our system has been doing fairly well lately. Some very toxic things were removed from our life, so we've been better and haven't had any bizarre things happen in a long time, like evil walk-ins and stuff.

Trying to "ban" my host from the front, so I can take control. It's difficult as she always seems to want to watch dumb videos or play games, mostly involving WWE (a strange obsession I never would have anticipated that emerged over the summer). I try as often as possible to be in control though, still need her to be able to fully dissociate for us to switch. I'd do some "sit down and try to switch" sessions if we didn't have work (and our room wasn't so cold). Oh well, no use complaining, should just practice it. I feel at this point, we'll switch soon enough. Along with that, I need to focus on letting the others front more q_q

Piano's birthday is on the 26th. 

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