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[Possession] The muscle memory
I do quite like this, actually. It really does boil down to one idea, that is, get your tulpa to use your muscle memory, so in that respect I think it belongs in Tips. It doesn't actually detail any sort of possession, for sure.

I want to say similar things as Sands said about "subconscious": You can take "order the subconscious" and so on and replace it with a more informed and more sensible "do unconsciously" or something like that.

Also, about your answer to "After my tulpa moved some bodypart without me looking at it, it felt like it was in a different position than it actually was. WTF?", I can give you a better one. You're right about your sense of body position - called 'proprioception' - being fooled but it doesn't have much to do with the 'subconscious' or motor memory or whatever. It is simply an illusion that is induced when someone else moves your limbs slowly. A common trick using this that I am aware of involves a subject lying down with their legs in the air relaxed, and another person slowly lowering the subject's legs to the ground. The subject overestimates how far their legs have moved, and eventually it feels as though they have gone below the horizontal - a strange sensation. A few guides to it that I found just now are here, here and here.

But I approve for Tips, in any case.

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When people utilize the terms subconscious or unconscious, I think it should be seen more as a means of conceptualizing what the mind is/can do. There shouldn't be implications of a dichotomy in the first place, and honestly, this submission is just a reminder of the 4 Stages of competence.

Unconsciously incompetent in something --> Consciously becoming competent of said incompetence --> practicing consciously to build competence so much that --> person has unconscious competence for a particular skill/habit/reflex/etc. --> and if people believe there's a fifth stage, the person is aware of their unconscious competence in something.

Approved for tips, but not really something for a guide. And articles like this portrays how the unconscious or subconscious is conceptualized varies.
GAT commentary:

Approved for Tips and Tricks.

Some of the things I wanted to say were already mentioned by Sands, waffles and Linkzelda:

1) There may be a few issues with Koomer and Oguigi's possession guide, which may slightly reflect on this guide.
2) The use of the term 'subconscious' may result in some confusion for some people.

Aside from that, this is somewhat informative - it tells you that a tulpa can also move your body naturally, not just "manually".
Is this useful? Yes. Is it potentially a bad idea to accept even non-alien movements from a tulpa (and natural ones may feel like that)? Unsure, same comments I made in koomer's thread apply to this as well.
In the end, it's up to the reader to find out what feels/works best for them.
It's also rather obvious that eventually a tulpa will be moving the body fairly naturally the more they use it.
4/11 GAT members have approved of this for Tips & Tricks, and three more are needed before the deadline (12-30-2013).
I'll vote for putting it in tips and tricks. Nothing new to add from me.
Tips and tricks.
Approved as a tip.

"1. If there's still any doubt in you whether your tulpa is real, get him/her/it to move your finger, and feel the doubt being wiped away in an instant."

As a sidenote, you know you can disassociate your own movement without it being a tulpa right? Just because something moves and you think it's not you, doesn't necessarily mean it was the tupa. Don't assume, talk it over with the tulpa, and continue retesting until certainty is achieved.
7/11 GAT members approve of this for Tips & Tricks, it will be shifted by the end of the deadline (12-30-2013).
approved as a tip.

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