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Resignation from GAT Managerial Position
I'd like to make an apology to the users of, and the members that I did not respond to in a timely manner. While this community and the quality of its guides remains in my interest, I was surprised by how much time was required to actually manage the GAT team.

We started the guide approval process on the 14th of November, pre-screening all guides to decide whether they were worth voting on. As that had been done, approved guides were to be stickied in waves as GAT members voted their approval or disapproval. However, getting all of the members to participate took more energy than I anticipated, and I realize now that I simply don't have the time to bother the handful of folks who don't seem to otherwise use

There was also some confusion about Fede's guide being the only approved guide. Seeing as the main post had been edited by Rasznir, and none of the team had complaints about it being hosted on tulpa-network, there was no problem with us approving it. Another thing is that it fell into the approval threshold after member Ashmo resigned from GAT. Since the approval threshold is percentage-based, this meant that fewer votes were required to approve the thread. My approval of Fede's guide (and now Teryaky's guide) are compliant to the 60% threshold in the official GAT pastebin. It does not matter if this number goes up again in the future, they are supposed to only be un-approved if the community gives abundant negative feedback (although apparently moderator-feedback is above all else?).

With some of those answers out of the way, I apologize that I have not been pulling my weight around here, due to my inability to be online enough to manage a team of people. I am resigning from GAT so that someone else can properly finish the job of screening all the guide submissions. I did have ambitions to help the community, but the amount of time needed overwhelmed my anticipations. As a college student and part-time employee with many passions and hobbies, I decided that I would rather not sacrifice anything more than my free time for this. In my opinion, the most active GAT members appear to be waffles, Sands, and LinkZelda, and I think they would be better suited for the manager position than I am right now.

Also, may I suggest the remainder of the GAT gets together and starts voting off some of their members as well - particularly the ones who have never posted a vote or been in the IRC. The almost-popularity based system of the last voting period did not work, members need to campaign their activity, intentions, and actively show their worth for their nomination to be meaningful.

I will answer other questions in this thread when I can, hopefully there are no hard feelings. I did not intend for the approval process to take this long.
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