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[Sentience] Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide
You need to let go of your fears of parroting/puppeting at least for this. Let them do whatever they want and tell them "Surprise me!".

It might seem too easy to be true, but this guide actually works, because the tulpa will surprise their host and thus prove their sentience to them.

I hope this method helps many people to let go of their worries about puppeting/parroting.

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Yeah so, I said surprise me several times and pretty much nothing happened.
I tried really hard to visualize Kay before I did it, just to make sure, but every thought that entered my mind was about something I'd been doing recently. :/ Nothing surprising. *sigh*
Don't get frustrated with her or yourself. Just give her more time and trust that she will try harder next time.
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I once got a strange result when I asked my tulpa something similar.
I received a picture of her being replaced by a strange, colorful creature with beady eyes. It frightened me quite a bit, but she comforted me by showing a picture of a teddy bear afterwards.
I wasn’t fully convinced and speculated that I might have grasped after the first thought that came to my mind. She does confirm that it was her, though.
I saw one of my tulpæ choking on the floor last time I went into my Wonderland. I didn't expect him to be doing that. So I suppose I approve...
miku turned into a fish once. A fucking fish, man.
I'll try this out! Big Grin
HaHA! Tried this again today after a long and productive forcing session, and you know what my answer was?

Joe Pesci.

I'm not going to explain why I care about Joe Pesci, but lets just say I was not thinking about him in the slightest, and Kay bringing him up made me laugh jovially.

Just wanted to say that this worked well and I am happy, but you might want to add that it may work better during or after a session, as opposed to any old time.
I told Nova to surprise me. She stood there for a second then she walked away to another room. When she came back she had a chainsaw. I took the chainsaw from her and put it somewhere she hopefully couldn't get to it. Later I found out she could get to it. It was certainly a surprise.
>Says "Suprise me!"
>Gets a stab in the back.
Good guide, 10/10. I was not expecting that at all....I even felt something, this should be an imposing guide.
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