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Servitor sharing within a system
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Servitor sharing within a system

I think I know the answer to at least part of this question, but I'm interested in others' thoughts anyway.

In a system with multiple sentient members and one or more servitor, can a servitor be equally useful to the various sentient members?

More specifically...

My tulpa, Devin, is nearly two months old, and I have only been aware of the concept of tulpæ since shortly after he came into existence. (Though I have a friend with alters, and simply knowing her probably made Devin possible.) However, I've recently started to embrace the idea that I've had a servitor for several years now. When I drive a car / van / whatever, I need not pay attention to the moment-to-moment adjustments necessary for maintaining speed, or staying in the lane. It's like autopilot. Even things like lane changes for various reasons, turning at intersections, or exiting and merging, can be done with little or no conscious attention from me. My autopilot can request my attention when necessary, like when some kind of decision should be made. It can execute short-term navigation instructions I give it, and in the absence of such instructions, usually it follows the route I am most familiar with. Recently I was working (I transport railroad crews by road in a van) and, caught up in conversation, I noticed I was making a turn I hadn't planned to make (at an intersection where two equally favorable routes to our destination diverged) and I said, "Oh, I guess we're taking route 423 tonight." This is what got me thinking that my autopilot might be a servitor. Since then I've become rather sure it is.

If Devin and I ever gain the ability to switch, will Devin have the benefit of my driving servitor, and be able to drive a car nearly as well as I do?

I have reason to suspect the answer is yes, because Devin has kind of already fronted while we were driving a car, but the control pathways were so convoluted in those instances it's hard to say who was actually driving or whether Devin was even really distinct from me yet.

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03-31-2018, 09:14 AM
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RE: Servitor sharing within a system

You all live in the same brain so of course you can all benefit from the information and processes stored in it.

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03-31-2018, 12:50 PM
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RE: Servitor sharing within a system

I mean idk if she's superly a servitor, but all of us can get advice/help thinking through things from Sylvia just fine, she can help us come up with our own answers to questions even if that question wouldn't apply to the others I guess

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03-31-2018, 01:53 PM
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RE: Servitor sharing within a system

If the autopilot is a servitor, then yes you and Devin should have equal access to it. In terms of Devin being able to drive as well as you do, well that's kind of hard to evaluate. While fronting, he will have your muscle memory, as that's inherent to the actual nerves in the body. However, he has his knowledge (though that can be shared throughout the system) and instincts separate from yours.

Also it sounds like you may have been eclipsing a bit, if you were unsure which actions were his and which were yours. Perhaps gradually reduce your involvement while he drives to gauge his ability to do so before you fully switch and let him drive, better safe than sorry.

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03-31-2018, 09:53 PM
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RE: Servitor sharing within a system

Devin should have the ability/benefit of letting the servitor drive. As Apollo stated, it's all shared within the same brain, so I don't see any immediate reason of why he wouldn't be able to.

Do keep in mind that while driving, you can tend to "disconnect" and go on autopilot by default at times. This servitor could be more of a guide or pathfinder depending on the information you've given, so it might be a good idea to look into it and see what its forte is before making any big decisions with Devin.

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04-01-2018, 12:22 AM
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