Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Ours is fvamjinxx

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I've edited the OP to add all of the new names + alphabetize everything.
I'm not sure if the skype list is still active? But if it is you can reach me and Alex at: sakelikecake x3
Just be sure to include your username and let me know you're from the forums or I might accidentally reject you. D:
Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)
Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire
I'm updating the list every time someone replies to this thread with their information, so it's still active. As for if there's still a group, I'm unsure.
Hi, I'm still very new on this but I'd love to chat on skype. It's: ourneverland-we
mine is: Alender63
I'd rather not post mine publically, but I love chatting with people, so if anyone wants to add me, send me a PM! Smile
Unfathomable. You know, without fathom.

I'mma build you from the ground
Til you're higher then the clouds
I can see it in your soul
If you only knew your worth
The kinda love that you deserve
Every piece of you makes me whole


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