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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)
I had a strange dream. There was a lot, but part of it was, I looked at my phone and there was one of those trashy "Hot Women Want You!" ads, but it was a naked woman mouthing a snake's tail and the splash text read, "Looking for a headmate" and I said, in-dream, "Why would I make such a horrible pun in my dream?" Not lucid, just upset. Then I dropped my phone and flew about ten feet in the air. Cassidy was there and said, "Don't leave me behind!" I said, of course not. Come fly up here, that's a fun thing to do in dreams. He said, but you're almost awake and I wanted to see that lake. What lake? Oh, that lake.
Descensding was much harder than going up, I wasn't flying like with wings, it was like creative mode minecraft going up, and like an elytra (i.e. glider) going down.

The lake ended up being a completely swamped little mudpit. Cassidy was swapped out in-dream for my first girlfriend, probably because the pit was FULL OF SNAKES. I put the toe of my shoe into the mud and a red frog jumped out... then dozens of black snakes started writhing around. They looked pretty angry, so I said, "(Name), let's bail." We bailed and she disappeared, I was standing on open, early spring morning praire, just before the sun comes over the horizon, and a giant gust of cool wind came over me. I felt shivers all over and Gavin asked, "Are you going to wake up?" It's the first time I remember that being a question rather than a "You're waking up now." I saw him, too, a wall of green smoke and green flames. I completely ignored him and was tying my shoe, but, surprise, my shoelaces had been replaced with a snake. Not two snakes, just one between both shoes. Then my mom woke me up because the shower broke, I had wrenched it to stop spewing water, she un-wrenched it thinking she could fix it, but then she... couldn't get it to stop spewing water. So I had to go wrench it shut again.

I was almost lucid, but just... wasn't. Well, I'm going to go sleep for another hour, so wish me luck. -J
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Dream 1:

I friend of mine IRL was missing Misha, like he desperately wanted to see her, and Misha was in the dream with me, standing next to me.  She was all bundled up with tasteful attire, and he was basically asking me if he could see her cleavage. She obliged before I said anything and... [NSFW]

Except it wasn't just in his pants, ukk..., but nothing got on either of us and I didn't see 'the source' TG!

Dream 2:

Misha was switched in for the first time (while we slept, not her intention), this was her dream. She lived in a co-ed commune and an Indian dude made up a game where everyone had to cut out sections of the layers of their clothes. To keep her dignity, though she also felt like she was distancing herself from the community by doing so, she put on enough layers so that even with many holes and layers cut into she was still fully clothed underneath. This guy made it a point to come and see her (of course) and when he realized this he was devastated. Apparently, the whole game was contrived specifically to see Misha's rockin' hard body.

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