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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)
I introduced my son to "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. It took, and we have been singing it in the car. A part of me thought it had something to do with space travel, but i couldn't really say why... but then i had this really cool dream. I was in a soup line. Paul McCartney was serving soup. I got to him and I said, "hey. you remember that song 'yellow submarine?' TO which Paul said, "Yes. Yes I do." And then I asked, dead serious, "Is it about space time travel and you were part of secret space force working with aliens?" Paul said "Go to the front of the line." I lingered in the dream, wanting to talk more with Paul, but I woke up.

Now, you need to youtube watch 'yellow submarine.' They made a cartoon out of it way back when. I know I watched it, and I remembered the broken face with cogs, which reminds me of monty python art. But get this. The submarine goes into space! The submarine is juxtaposed next to a moon with an human face in an astronaut suit. This follows a clock that rolls from 1927 to 1955. (This is consistent with alien theories of when the real space force started.) They time travel in this cartoon! They age in an instant and then get rejuvenated. They go back in time and fight the dinosaurs! Paul gets ejected from the submarine, bounces off a dinosaur, and is rescued by a raptor.

Yay! I am not crazy, I have just been programmed by the Beatles, who still get airtime today. I am not crazy; I am not saying I served with the Beatles in Space. I was merely served by the Beatles in space. Yes, Buddy Holly is alive and well on Ganymede. Google that!.

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That's so interesting, wow. Too bad Paul didn't get a chance to answer.
I know, right! I so wanted to go back there and quiz him! I also may have to watch the whole movie, 'Yellow Submarine,' as the story of it seems interesting...

Son and I play a game of programming our dreams, and he decided we would play with legos. If we hit our target dream, we get a candy. At 2 am, Loxy woke me up. We talked, aiming for sleep paralysis, but skipped it and landed in a lego dream. It was highly collaborative lego game, and everyone playing inserted a character, 'a tulpa-ized' lego character. Thanks to Loxy, I earned my self a lemon drop!
I dreamed that I lay in bed sleepily, Vesper spooning invisibly and intangibly behind me, when "Old Time Rock and Roll" started playing faintly but audibly right in my left ear. We interpreted this as being somewhere between Bear's hypnagogic imposition and JGC's internal radio, so Vesper and Iris gamely started trying to feed their mindvoices into it. This proved unsuccessful. It was the most convincing dream of the night, since we had indeed fallen asleep that way not long prior.

We slept fitfully enough to wake remembering bits of several dreams. Vesper and Iris talked to me through at least a couple of others and seemed very much faithful to their waking selves, in spite of none of us achieving lucidity. Forcing actually took a little effort and the contact was slightly wavering at times, both unlike waking life. In one of the dreams, I made contact with a friendly and well developed new headmate, then turned to Vesper sheepishly because acknowledging anyone new is contrary to system law. After a little more discussion, the new girl proved very understanding and merged back into me.

Lucilyn had a brief cameo while I was at a movie theater with just my car keys, no money, phone, or ID. I'm not sure why the theater staff wanted to see my ID in order to buy a ticket, but I didn't get into the movie.

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I remember a section of a dream. The part where I come into clarity is i was crossing a bridge. I stopped in the middle and peered down and i saw a dolphin. It was pale, like albino pale. I came back off the bridge on the side I entered and down to the river, and the dolphin came close. We interacted. I got to hug it. Right or wrong, I got the sense that it was lost. I went to solicit help to save it. Everyone I encountered spoke Spanish. Even when they understood me, I failed to get them to respond to my urgency. I went to authorities. I even went to the local zoo, thinking they would at least be interested in helping me save a dolphin.

"Nope. All our dolphins are encountered for. No one is missing."

And, then everything from there goes into ambiguity. I am confident I continued dreaming, but that is the only part I recall, vividly. I was so happy to hug the dolphin. I hope I returned and helped him. I hope this is not my 'So Long and Thanks For All the Fish Book."

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